Building Your Own Wonderwall

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Popular and proven options are this way for a reason. That’s true in just about any area of life, and the world of wall painting is not an exception. This industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, with constant demand and a growing product base. Various kinds of finishes, VOC contents, textures and gloss levels. Not to mention the wide variety of different colours and shades readily available on the market. Traditional paint, however technologically advanced the formula may or may not be, is still the most popular choice. Nevertheless, there are actually some interesting alternatives for those who feel a bit more adventurous or have very specific tastes and requirements. Some of them are not painting techniques per se – but rather fun, inventive ways to give your walls a little makeover.


The first one is quite an affordable way to literally cover up any imperfections on your wall. It’s wallpaper. You can easily coordinate it with your overall décor, plus it’s a great opportunity to switch things up a little. An odd wall can add a touch of individuality and originality to any space. Also, you don’t need to go for anything crazy or drastically different, if that doesn’t sound like something up your alley. With so many options, it’s just as versatile as paint – if not even more so. A view of your favourite city, an interesting pattern or an art piece – take your pick and save yourself the pain of painting. A quick disclaimer – applying wallpaper evenly can be quite tricky, too. One way or another, there’s no escaping the tough bit, but it’s all worth it.

Stick To Basics

We get it, wallpaper might be a bit much. It’s not easy to get it right, and hiring someone to do it for you just adds to the list of expenses. That’s fine. So, we have another interesting suggestion – decals. They are probably the most affordable and practical option out of them all. Decals are super easy to coordinate, mix and match. With plenty of different sizes and ideas, finding the perfect fit for your space is going to be a piece of cake. Also, let’s never forget – we like change. And a great thing about decals is that removing them is just as easy as applying them. You don’t need any special set of skills. Just let your creative side shine through and change your space at a fraction of the price.

Spray It – No Need to Say It

Spray paint has a lot of potential to replace the traditional version. It’s not a perfect alternative, but it definitely has its place in the toolkit of any self-respecting DIYer. Sure, it takes a bit of practice – like everything. But it’s so much more convenient than its regular counterpart. First of all, you don’t need the whole setup – the rolls, brushes, trays and buckets. It’s cleaner, in many ways more efficient, and easier. If you want to cover up some areas quickly or take care of some simple touch-ups – this might be the better choice. Achieving the elusive even coat becomes much easier as well with aerosol paint.

Raw Beauty

This solution is not for everybody, but who knows – maybe it’s for you. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have brick walls, why not just remove the paint altogether and show off some of their charm? It’s an interesting choice and a very versatile one at that. It’s really easy to make it work – doesn’t matter what kind of vibe and style you’re going for. It can add a touch of urban sophistication or something completely different – a rustic feel, depending on the overall design choices. There’s an undeniable beauty in simplicity, and it’s hard to find a simpler solution.

Make it Your Own

There’s no right or wrong in the world of home décor. You’re the master of your space and it’s there for you to enjoy. No amount of advice and ”style tips” can replace your creative expression and preferences. Make sure you don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with – that wouldn’t make any sense.

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