How to pick the right streaming service for you

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Remember the days when you may have described people by categories like a dog person or a cat person? Or a red wine person or a white wine person; or sports jock versus nerd? Today you’re more likely to define friends based on their choice of streaming service – aka video streaming on demand (VSoD).

For (mostly) a small monthly fee you can choose from a vast catalogue of documentaries, films and television series on demand. That means indulging in some couch time at a whim. If you’re watching your budget but love the idea of having a streaming service, how do you know which one to commit your monthly fee to? Let us introduce you to our friends below and see which one you identify with most.

The Foxtel Play person

The Foxtel Person is confident about where they’re at in their life and what drives them. Often the decision maker in a household or workplace, they like to get a job done well and then bask in some well earned leisure time. This is someone who is loyal and dedicated to the life priorities that drive them. They’re organised, purposeful and prioritise their time and budget wisely.

Their weekly work and personal schedule is tried and tested. A Foxtel Play Person thrives on routine because they know exactly how they want to divide their time. They’re happiest when they get to break up the weekly grind a little by setting the alarm for 2 am to start watching a FIFA World Cup game streaming live from Brazil, or the Davis Cup or a PGA competition.

In their favourite sporting season, a Foxtel Play Person will demonstrate a constant aura of hurriedness. They’ll be making their excuses to rush off to get home in time for Live TV coverage of whatever the latest sporting competition is underway nationally or globally.

A Foxtel Play Person often doesn’t mind a bit of Xbox or PlayStation sports action too, in-between live sporting coverage. They have a decent broadband speed that they’re happy to pay for to soak up sport, sport and more sport in High Definition! Other household members are likely to also share a love of live sport. Your Foxtel Play friend may have subscribed to the Doco, Drama, Lifestyle, Kids or Pop channels to keep the rest of their household entertained while they settle in for the next match streaming live from somewhere around the world.

Pricing for Foxtel is based on which genre of packages you choose, and how many. It is perhaps the priciest of the streaming services available in Australia. But if you love sport, well …

To find out more about Foxtel Play – visit Foxtel.

The Netflix Person

The Netflix Person is known for being original, passionate, restless and indecisive. These aren’t negative character traits by any means.  It is just that the Netflix person has a broad range of interests that ebb and flow over hours, weeks, days or years. Depending on what is interesting them at any one moment in time, they can become passionate about a cause and will fearlessly put themselves out there to raise awareness or influence change.

Up to date with social issues, the Netflix Person is known for being both open minded and changeable. Commitment phobic at the best of times, Netflix appeals to them as it can be cancelled online at any time.

The Netflix Person is often characterised by their addictive tendencies. With a global content library packed full of series after series of Netflix originals, television shows, documentaries and feature films, the Netflix person can feed their addiction when and where they like. For the passionate Netflix Person, the more they watch, the more recommendations Netflix will throw their way to feed their insatiable appetite.

Pricing for Netflix starts at a nominal monthly fee, and increases depending on how many other Netflix users in your household will be wanting to watch up to four separate screens at the same time.

To find out more, visit Netflix.

The ABC iView Person

The iView Person is passionate about their Aunty, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and they simply can’t get enough of it.

An inquiring mind, with concrete political views and affiliations, the iView person relishes in collecting knowledge. They’ll binge on documentaries and talk shows. A good Australian film or drama series is a great reason for an iView Person to decline a Saturday night invitation out, to stay in. For an iView Person leisure time is best spent absorbing oneself in learning more about something topical or in the news right now.

Live streaming of ABC News Live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week satiates the iView Person’s hunger for staying up to date on social and political issues.  The iView Person grew up with Playschool and Sesame Street inspiring their life-long thirst for education.

Leading a busy life that in the past has meant sacrificing an episode or two of Australian Story or Landline, the iView Person is ever grateful that they can now watch their favourite Aunty selections when and where it suits them. They have around 14 days after broadcast to catch up on iView.

And, it’s free.

To find out more, visit ABC iView, and never miss an episode of your favourite ABC show again.

The Stan Person

The Stan Person is an honest and upfront person. They thrive on others being straight up, truthful and confident to speak what’s on their mind in the moment. The big picture is all a Stan Person wants to know. Detail and fine print bores them. While happy to know what’s going on around the globe, the Stan Person is most excited when talking about what’s going on right here in Australia, today.

A Stan Person lives in the present moment, rarely dwelling too much on the past but doesn’t mind the occasional night in watching a cult classic film. Happiest bingeing on a decent comedy or drama series, the Stan Person enjoys being able to choose what they want to watch based on how they’re feeling at any one moment in time.

With it’s straight up, simple pricing of $10 a month to access a good mix of global and Australian content across three screens, Stan is very satisfying for the no fuss Stan Person. Stan does offer a $15 Premium Plan for those households with more than 3 viewers on screen at any one time.

To find out more, visit Stan.

The Amazon Prime Video Person

The Amazon Prime Person mostly enjoys a happy and vibrant life that they love to share with others. They tend to be natural leaders and often the first to suggest a get together or a new idea. As leaders they pride themselves on their persuasive nature.

You can almost count on an Amazon Prime Person to give away the plot of the latest novel, or film, they just can’t help themselves. They’re excited about being one of the first to everything. While they tend to enjoy mainstream music and film, they’re also drawn to off-beat genres that help them carve their uniqueness.

For that reason, the Amazon Originals that are exclusive to Amazon Prime Video are part of what draw memberships. You can’t access an Amazon Original unless you are a subscriber. It’s exclusive, exactly what the Amazon Prime Person is attracted to.  It means they can talk about their latest Amazon Prime movie or TV show binge knowing that not everyone will have access …yet.

With an introductory six month offer of 2.99 USD/month, the pricing is an attractive entry point to a streaming service.

To find out more, visit Prime Video.

The Quickflix Person

The Quickflix Person loves to live in the moment. They pride themselves on being up to date on everything, from fashion to celebrity stories to the newest cafe that is creating buzz.

A conversationalist, the Quickflix Person will be the first to let you know about everything. They strive to be a few steps ahead of the curve.

The Quickflix Person is less interested in films and television series that have been around for a while now. They want the latest releases. For $10 per month they can choose from two new release movies along with hundreds of other free movies to watch when and where they want to.

To find out more, visit Quickflix.

For more information

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