Exploring Australians Views on Death, Dying, and Funeral Planning:

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Insights from a Recent Survey by Southern Cross Funeral Directors

A recent survey conducted by Southern Cross Funeral Directors has shed light on Australians’ perceptions of death, dying, and the funeral industry. The survey’s findings reveal intriguing insights into people’s readiness to confront their own mortality and plan for the end of life.

Out of the 1006 participants surveyed, 61% emphasised the importance of a simple and cost-effective funeral arrangement. Interestingly, while 54% of respondents desired such a service to celebrate life and bid a final farewell, 42% admitted to being unaware of the associated costs. The survey encompassed a diverse demographic, spanning age groups and genders, indicating a pervasive hesitancy and perhaps a societal taboo around discussing death.

Respondents conveyed mixed sentiments:

  • 54% of participants indicated comfort discussing death depended on context.
  • Nearly a third (29.9%) evaded contemplating their own mortality, a sentiment particularly strong among the younger demographic.
  • 45% adopted a casual attitude, believing “what will be, will be.”
  • Empathic resonance emerged as 26% reported no specific emotions related to death.
  • Conversations about death were linked to angst or sadness by 40%.
  • 27% exhibited no inclination to plan for their end-of-life, with 44% of these respondents aged 45 and above.

This avoidance and indifference might explain why 18% had never engaged in a serious conversation about death, while 13% were unaware of pre-paid funeral services. An underlying societal view of death as a taboo subject could contribute to these findings. Additionally, 36% with wills were uncertain about arranging beyond this, possibly due to 43% relying on family to organise their funerals.

Although 60% of respondents had not organized a funeral before, this sentiment spanned age groups.

The survey highlights the necessity of proactive conversations about death and the importance of planning. Matthew Kowka, owner of Southern Cross Funeral Directors, suggests pre-paid funeral services can offer simplicity and cost-effectiveness while alleviating emotional stress for grieving families. Death is inevitable, but we can control our preparedness. If 43% believe discussions about death should start in childhood, there’s reason to initiate these conversations.

Around you with open conversations.

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