Leaving a gift in your Will can help change a child’s life

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Help us change the lives of children for generations to come

Since 1931, the purpose of Stewart House has been to change the lives of children in difficult circumstances and to give them hope and aspiration for the future.

Now in our 92nd year of operation, over 150,000 disadvantaged children have stayed at Stewart House where they receive free eye, ear, teeth, and general medical treatments and referrals as part of a unique 12 day wellbeing program.

We regularly hear of life-changing stories from past students. Here, we share Peter’s.

Peter’s Story

“My mum and dad suffered an obvious mental illness and, at times, uncontrolled outbursts of anger; they
both knew it was wrong, but so did I. From an extremely young age, I worked out how to survive and
keep out of their way – learnt what to say and do to avoid what I knew was coming. I was often told I wasn’t planned or wanted. That was difficult to hear. It affects how you see yourself in life and leads to social skills needing attention.

In 1977, I was nominated to be sent to Stewart House for some respite reasons that I can only assume were to do with living conditions at home and some health issues.

I remember my first night there was difficult for me but, with the patience of the volunteers and staff, it allowed me to settle and make new friends. I remember going on outings to places in a minibus. We did classes as well during the day.

The lady that taught art was very nice, and she liked the things I made; she was instrumental in engaging me

in art and allowed me to continue that interest in many aspects of my future. Art became a passion after this visit with certainty. I went on to do painting and drawing, and in one of my jobs, I became a painter and sign writer, jobs that required artistic flair.

My parents never came to collect me. I watched as all the other kids went home, the centre staff were very nice, and we eventually got a hold of my sister, who lived separately to us. It was later revealed my parents were too busy, and so my sister and her husband collected me a week later.

On returning home, it was not a good place to return to, but I always held on to my time away. It made me see that life beyond was normal; it made me realise I was not the problem, it was my home situation, and life would get better as I get older. It gave me a purpose.” [Peter B.]

At Stewart House, children like Peter participate in health and educational programs designed to boost their self- esteem and promote a better lifestyle.

We ask you to consider a gift in your Will as a way of ensuring that thousands more can to benefit from a stay at Stewart House.

A gift in your Will costs nothing now, but will change lives in the future



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