Seniors’ stories tell special tales of diversity

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One hundred seniors who have put pen to paper to share their personal stories of diversity have been published in the latest edition of Seniors’ Stories.

Seniors’ Stories is a writing competition aimed at celebrating the lives and contributions of seniors by giving them an opportunity to share their own short stories about their life experiences.

Minister for Multiculturalism and Minister for Seniors Mark Coure said the top 100 stories were collated from more than 330 submissions and will be available at local libraries across NSW for everyone to read.

“Storytelling is a universal pastime, and with so much lived experience, this writing competition gives seniors a unique opportunity to share their personal story with everyone,” Mr Coure said.

“Seniors are an integral part of our communities, and I truly believe we can all learn a lot from these stories.”

Now in its eighth edition, the theme for this year’s Seniors’ Stories is ‘Celebrating Diversity’.

“Each author shares their own experience of diversity, whether it be moving to a new place, learning about a new culture, enjoying new food or even meeting new people,” Mr Coure said.

“For the first time, we also have stories from 12 authors who submitted their stories in both English and their native languages, such as in Chinese, French, Greek, Spanish, Vietnamese and Urdu.”

Lucy Camilleri’s story A Richer Life features in the latest edition of Seniors’ Stories, which reflects on the influence being exposed to different cultures has had on her life.

“The theme ‘Celebrating Diversity’ particularly interested me as my parents migrated here in 1948, and as my title suggests, they experienced ‘A Richer Life’ as Australia became the diverse country we know and love today,” Ms Camilleri said.

“I hope that anyone reading my story will experience the wonderful culture that has come to our shores as we celebrate diversity among our fellow man.”

Professor Mohammad Amjad Kamal’s Life journey story of Pakistani Scientist also features in the new instalment, sharing his journey from Pakistan to Australia driven by his work in education.

“How great is the Australian nation, where senior citizens are regarded by the publication of their life journey stories,” Professor Kamal said.

“Our Australian nation greatly allows senior citizens to be acknowledged by giving them the opportunity of publication of their life journey stories allowing them to be an intellectual torch for youth generations.”

The NSW Government launched Seniors’ Stories in 2013 as a way of recognising and valuing the experiences of seniors.

Seniors’ Stories Volume 8 will be available at all local libraries across NSW from 14 November, or a copy can be downloaded from the Seniors Card website.

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