The simple drink offering health and happiness

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As the world celebrates international tea day, a leading Australian aged care provider has revealed it serves up over 240,000 cups of tea every year to its residents across its 26 facilities.

TriCare Retirement Living and Residential Aged Care believes tea is a cornerstone of retirement and elderly care living and offers huge benefits on health and connection for our older people.

TriCare Group Catering Manager Casey Montesalvo says the simple act of sharing a cup of tea has profound significance in our nursing homes. “Residents gather for daily tea times, fostering moments of connection and camaraderie. The most popular varieties among our residents are the classic English Breakfast and the rejuvenating Green Tea, both known for their comforting and health-boosting properties.”

The health benefits of tea drinking can’t be understated. Scientific studies have shown regular tea consumption offers benefits to all people, but with special significance for older people. Tea is rich in antioxidants, which help combat inflammation and support heart health. Green tea contains catechins that can improve brain function and aid in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Of particular importance is tea’s contribution to daily fluid intake, vital for maintaining hydration.

The social aspect of tea drinking is also known to reduce feelings of loneliness, enhancing well-being. “Our daily cups of tea are more than just a chance to enjoy a warm beverage; they are a vital part of our residents’ social and emotional well-being,” said Ms Montesalvo. By celebrating International Tea Day, we honour this tradition, and the health benefits it brings to our community.”

TriCare Upper Mt Gravatt Aged Care resident Betty Worthington says she drinks several cups of tea a day. “I drink it morning, noon and night – with my friends and fellow residents, or when family comes to visit. It’s an easy way to start having a conversation too, maybe lift someone out of the doldrums.”

TriCare Tea Stats:

– TriCare residents consume 240,000 cups of tea each year

– Each facility serves up 8,500 cuppas each month

– The most popular varieties are English Breakfast or Green Tea

– Tea contains 50mg of caffeine, half the amount as a standard cup of coffee

For more information on TriCare’s Aged Care Residence and Retirement Living, visit or say hello to one of their friendly staff today.

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