New aged care ministers revealed

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Former nurse Ged Kearney has been appointed Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care.

Clare O’Neil, who had performed impressively in the role of Shadow Minister for Aged Care, has been moved to the position of Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security.

Aged care was a key plank of Labor’s election campaign, promising $2.5 billion for around-the-clock nurses in aged care, improved food, better conditions for residents, and higher pay for workers.

Mr Butler had been the Shadow Minister for Health and Aged Care since January 2021, after moving there from a climate spokesperson role.

Prior to the election, the Labor Party set out plans to invest $970 million into primary care, including a total of $750 million over the next three years to strengthen Medicare, and $220 million in practice infrastructure grants.

In 2011, Butler was responsible for implementing the Living Longer Living Better reform package which embraced the ‘free market’ ideology that came under strong criticism during the royal commission.


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  1. David Gordond

    Honourable Anika Wells. I am asking if you can help us with more funding. Age care providers say we haven’t got enough money to take to take us on. I go to dialysis and Alice got dementia. Please can you help us.

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