Happy Dog, Happy Life: 6 Ways to Keep Your Pooch Physically Active

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If you’re a dog owner who always wonders how to keep your dog physically fit and healthy, you should know that one of the ways to do that is by exercise. But it can be difficult to keep your dog physically active. Fortunately, there are ways for you to help them.

To reintroduce your dog to a healthy, active lifestyle, here’s what you need to do:

Walk, Jog, and Run

The first one on the list is relatively easy. It’s a progressive exercise that will make your dog more fond of moving around. For the first step, you can let them walk for not more than 20 minutes a day.

Then, after a few days of routine walks, you can increase the time to 40 minutes. After that, you can change the routine by making it a light jog for them. You can even go along with them to bond with your dog, making them more comfortable and eager to go.

Obedience Training

Training is the best way to help your pets exercise and follow your commands. Training a dog is a lot of fun since you can teach them different tricks, like shaking hands, rolling over, and playing dead. If you want to help them be physically active, you can squeeze in tricks that require them to move around, like fetch or even simple sports like volleyball.

If you’re having difficulty teaching them to obey your commands, do it with a reward system and give them a little treat every time they do something right. Ensure that the treats you’re giving are the ones they like. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices when it comes to giving a great treat for your puppy.

Climbing the Stairs

If you don’t have access to the park or any place that lets your dog roam free, there are also some indoor exercises that you can do inside your home. When it comes to indoor activities, there is nothing more effective than climbing the stairs.

Go Find It

This activity is good for both a puppy’s hunting and physical development. You can hide treats in hidden corners in the room and make them find them. If they’re having a hard time, you can leave out scent trails for them to follow. After a few successes, you can widen their search radius to make it more challenging for them.

Final Words

There are a lot of ways for your dog to be physically active. Some of the most effective ones are listed above, so make sure to try at least one of them. Remember, if you’re having a hard time making them move around, you can always try out the reward system to make them more motivated to exercise.

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