What is the NSW Seniors Card and Senior Savers Card Program?

The Seniors Card program is an initiative of the NSW Government introduced almost 30 years ago to help retired citizens live more active, happy and healthy lives, in a more affordable way. There are currently 1.6 million members, with around 6,000-8,000 joining each month!

The Seniors Card is a way of acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of older citizens in the community and provides them with a host of benefits. There are discounts at businesses and government concessions including shops and online merchants, cafes and restaurants, entertainment venues and events, holiday and travel providers, professional services, tradies, plus household and automotive services to name a few!

Who is eligible?

Anyone aged 60 or older who is a permanent resident of NSW is eligible for one of the two cards offered by the program: the Seniors Card or the Senior Savers Card (which was introduced in July 2019).

The Seniors Card is the original benefits card provided by the program. You must be working no more than 20 paid hours per week to be eligible.

The Senior Savers Card came into existence in mid 2019 to expand benefits to the growing number of seniors who are not yet eligible for the Seniors Card because they are working more than 20 paid hours per week. When Senior Savers Card holders start working less or retire completely, they can convert to a Seniors Card.

All cardholders get:

  • discounts and deals at over 7,400 businesses
  • reciprocal rights in other states
  • special offers, competitions and more
  • monthly email updates

Seniors Card members also get:

  • access to a Gold Opal Card which provides transport concessions in NSW and Australia-wide, to help people who are fully or largely retired get around more affordably and stay active and connected.

How To Apply for Seniors Card

You can apply for a NSW Seniors Card online here or phone the Seniors Card call centre on 13 77 88 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or visit a service centre in-person.

Remember you can’t apply before you turn 60! You’ll also need to allow 21 days from the date your application is received for delivery of your card.

Once you have your Seniors Card, you can register here for a Gold Opal Card to give you access to huge savings on public transport.

Using Your Seniors Card

Using your Seniors Card or Senior Savers Card couldn’t be easier – simply present your card to participating businesses and transport services to obtain discounts.

The website has a handy function found here where you can search for discounts by location, category or business name or even download the entire directory and browse it all!

Gold Opal Transport Concessions (for Seniors Card only, not Senior Savers Card)

The Gold Opal Card is a convenient, reusable smartcard that eliminates the need to buy paper tickets all the time. Just load and go, or set it up for auto top-up. Even if your card is lost or stolen, your balance is safe and can be transferred to a new card.

Best of all, it gets you the best transport discounts around:

  • enjoy unlimited travel for just $2.50 a day! Get around as much as you want on metro, trains, buses, ferries and light rail in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter and the Illawarra
  • NSW TrainLink Regional services within NSW will give you $2.50 all day travel with the Country Pensioner Excursion ticket
  • when using privately-operated local buses, you are entitled to $2.50 all day travel with the Regional Excursion Daily ticket

Can I use my NSW Seniors Card interstate?

You can use your Seniors Card to receive Government public transport concessions interstate and many businesses provide discounts to both Seniors Card and Senior Saver Card members on request. For details about Seniors Card programs in other states please visit www.seniorcard.com.au.


  1. You can now apply 3 weeks before turning 60.

  2. Robyn Newman

    Ni have a nsw senior savers card I have now retired . How can I gain a seniors card ?

  3. I have heard this is a seniors discount card for over 55’s but I can’t see that on the my gov site ?

  4. After watching Weekend Sunrise show this morning I have seen that the seniors card is for over 55’s, but when looking on the Service NSW website it tells you over 60.

  5. Paul Tonkin

    I am so confused , l am 61 still work full time but on a low income.
    Am l eligible for just the savers card.
    Regards Paul

  6. Anthony Liardo

    Still can’t find a list of discounts/benefits for seniors saver card everything I click on related to seniors card only

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