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10 of the Best things about Norfolk Island

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1. Emily Bay:

It’s the beyond picturesque playground of the locals where swimming, snorkelling and playing all happen without any maddening crowds. Make sure to enjoy a burger from the mobile Se Moosa Bus (I’ve eaten so much I’m going to burst!)


2. Heritage and culture:

How does such a small island lay claim to such rich history and stories? The locals have their own language, customs and Bounty heritage and the World Heritage status of Kingston reveals its multi-layered convict and historical importance.


3. Fresh seasonal food:

The Island has always grown its own seasonal produce (the way the rest of us are now catching on to) and you won’t believe the taste of vegies that have their food miles measured in metres and have never seen a day of cold storage! November’s annual Food Festival celebrates this bounty.


4. Beauty Abounds:

This Island goes beyond any superlative you can think of. Suffice to say there must have been a reason why out of all the Pacific Islands he visited, the only place Captain Cook described as ‘paradise’, was Norfolk Island.

5. Sport:

Norfolk Islanders love their sport and not only participate themselves but host many Open Tournaments. An excellent way to get to know the locals is by joining a golf, bowls, archery, or pistol shooting event. Their newest event, outrigging, is an excellent spectator event as well.

6. Artistic inspiration:

This is a creative place, no doubt partly inspired by the Island’s peace and beauty. Joining an En Plein Air painting, photography and even quilting trip is an excellent way to combine artistic passions with a holiday.

7. Getting out into it:

Choose between walking trails in vivid green rainforest, snorkelling in crystal clear waters, beach walks, kayaking, or even taking part in a Wildmob volunteers trip to restore habitat of endemic and endangered species. Sunset cliff-top drinks and a BBQ followed by star-gazing completes any day.

8. Phillip Island:

Only 20 minutes by boat, outlying Phillip Island is a nature lover’s nirvana. A stunning, even if strenuous walk discovers the largest breeding populations of red-tailed tropic birds in Australia amongst thousands of breeding birds. A true conservation success story can be discovered here.

8 Phillip island
9. Friendly locals:

Barely a visitor returns without commenting on the friendliness and easy manner of the locals. Make sure to return the Norfolk ‘wave’ when driving, and know you’ll be genuinely welcomed to have a chat at a local club, in an Islanders home during a Progressive Dinner, in a café or – anywhere!

9 friendly locals
10. Special celebrations:

You’ll find unique celebrations on Norfolk Island, the most poignant being Bounty Day celebrating the Islanders June 1856 arrival from Pitcairn Island. There’s a Public Holiday for Thanksgiving Day and also to commemorate the First Fleeter’s 1788 arrival.

For information on all listed activities, events, tours and travel contact Norfolk Island Travel Centre on freecall 1800 1400 66 or visit

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