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Phil Hawkes finds culinary temptations on the road south of Sydney

Whether you’re planning a drive down the Pacific Highway towards Melbourne; just a few days’ break from the traffic of Sydney; or even a day trip; there are some wonderful places to stop, prop, and enjoy a meal you’ll want to post on Facebook. Here’s a selection of eateries to choose:

South on Albany in the pretty town of Berry, where Sonia and John have created a bistro-style restaurant to rival any in Surry Hills. Much loved by locals and Sydneysiders who appreciate a fine menu and wine list.

Blue Swimmer in nearby Gerroa, similarly popular with locals who pack the place every night…their vegetarian specialities are outstanding.

Wharf Road on the riverbank at Nowra, where the Pacific oysters from Greenwell Point rival the Sydney Rock molluscs from further south. The $60 tasting menu is great value.

Cupitt’s Winery near Milton, a prime example of a local family business who run not only a fine winery but a craft brewery and boutique cheese factory. A tour with Wally is great fun.

Rick Stein at Bannister’s By The Sea. What more can anyone say about this fine dining experience? It’s one that you’ll remember forever. Tip: try the plumpest mussels in the world, better than any we’ve had in Belgium.





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