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Explore Lightning Ridge Home to the Outback Opal Hunters

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Option 1:

Try one of the many gourmet cafes; OPAL STREET or BUSY BEE, make time to visit the AUSTRALIAN OPAL CENTRE check out 100 million year old opalised fossils. Say hi to John the only black opal mining cactus farmer in the world at BEVAN’S CACTUS MUSEUM, take in the awesome street art or take a visit to JOHN MURRAY’S ART GALLERY.

pick up a copy of the CAR DOOR TOUR’S map; strung in the trees and leaning in easily seen places, the doors point you towards some of the Ridge’s best attractions. The OPAL MINE ADVENTURE & CHAMBERS OF THE BLACK HAND both providing a fascinating look into the underground world of mining

Enjoy sunset from NETTLETON’S FIRST SHAFT LOOKOUT. In the evening make sure you’ve booked seats for SPARK – An opal-centric outdoor cinematic experience; Sit back under the stars, and be back in time for dinner.

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Option 2:

Bevan’s Black Opal Cactus Museum

Say hi to John, the only black opal mining cactus farmer in the world! Bevan’s host one of the largest cactus nurseries in the Southern Hemisphere with approximately 2,500 young and aged varieties.

Australian Opal Centre

Book your tickets to SPARK – an opal-centric Outdoor Cinematic Experience or join one of the fossil digs which have uncovered mind blowing specimens such as 100 million year old opalised fossils.

Car Door Tours

Grab a copy of the Car Door Tours Map; the different coloured doors point you towards some of the ‘Ridge’s’ best attractions. Take the Orange Tour out to the Opal Fields for lunch at one of the three Pubs in the Scrub.

026829 1670

Image: Artesian Bore Baths, Lighting Ridge, Destination NSW


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