Golden years getaways: 6 travel destinations for retirees to explore

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We all work hard for the majority of our adult lives. Most people will work between their early twenties to their late sixties. This is a significant chunk of your life. Hopefully, in that time, you can build up a career, raise a family, make a home to live in, and stop and smell the roses along the way. And then you can retire, and relax and enjoy life – letting you really smell the roses and enjoy the fruits of all your labour. 

Retirement is the time to focus on yourself and get into all the hobbies and interests you didn’t have time for when you were working. On that same note, it’s also an excellent time to travel, as you aren’t limited by time or juggling as many professional commitments. In retirement, you can often afford the finer experiences when holidaying, letting yourself travel at a level of luxury that you may not have been able to afford in your earlier years.

But where exactly should you travel? Truth be told, there are almost limitless options, and the world is your oyster. This helpful article will help you to narrow it down. Today, we’ll be sharing 6 travel destinations for retirees to explore. Read on to unearth where you should be travelling during your first few years as a retiree!

1. Visit Sydney, Australia

This jewel of Australia is well worth a visit in retirement. You can stay at The Shangri La in Sydney, a luxurious home base to explore the city. Catch a show at the world-famous Sydney Opera House, go on the popular Coogee beach walk, and wine and dine at any of the many excellent restaurants the city boasts.

There are also many famous sights in Sydney, including the Taronga Zoo and the Art Gallery of NSW. You can also shop till you drop along popular shopping streets such as the Strand Arcade and the Queen Victoria building. 

While you’re in Sydney, there are excellent destinations within a drive’s distance, such as the gorgeous Blue Mountains, Port Macquarie and the verdant Sapphire Coast.

2. Hop To Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is a beautiful tropical paradise that is an excellent destination for retirees who enjoy island life. With pristine beaches, gorgeous tropical forest landscapes and rich local culture, you can truly immerse yourself in the lifestyle here.

The island state of the USA is also a great place to visit for active retirees who enjoy staying busy, as you can embark on hikes, go surfing or bodyboarding and snorkel the colourful coral reefs that surround the island. 

You can hire a car and embark on a scenic tour with amazing views. For example, the Hanauma Bay Lookout in Oahu is a view to witness, and the Kona Coast also offers stunning views. 

3. Explore the Lush Caribbean

Another tropical wonderland escape, the Caribbean islands are another excellent destination to visit in your golden years. You can genuinely spend years exploring all that this unique destination has to offer, but for those who want to fit in as many other travel destinations as possible in your first year of retirement, here are the highlights that you can expect from your trip to the Caribbean.

St Lucia is worth a visit, with its pristine chalk-coloured beaches, breathtaking volcanic mountains and many boutique luxury hotels. There are also excellent hiking trails on St Lucia, and witnessing the sunset over the Caribbean Sea is a sight, to say the very least. Sulphur Springs are also home to the world’s only drive-in volcano, which is a boast-worthy trip.

And of course, a trip to the Caribbean is incomplete without a trip to Jamaica, Barbados, and the Bahamas. Enjoy hopping from island to island during your stay, taking in all the unique landscapes and urban centres that can be found across this rich region.

4. Explore Europe and Immerse Yourself in Culture

Europe is a top destination for retirees, offering diverse, rich cultural experiences in Western and Eastern Europe. London is, of course, a top city to explore, with many galleries, museums and other cultural institutions such as London Tower, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. The changing of the guard is also worth a watch if you have the time.

Other excellent European destinations include Spain, especially Barcelona, where you can explore the world-famous Parc Guell in Barcelona and visit the amazing La Sagrada Familia, which has been constructed since 1882.

5. Cruise the Scandinavian Coastline

Cruises are a popular activity for retirees, and the cold yet gorgeous Scandinavian countries are excellent cruise destinations. You can disembark the ship and explore Norway, Sweden, Greenland and Finland. 

Norway, in particular, is a choice destination during your golden years, with deep fjords, the Northern Lights, and gorgeous national parks with stunning flora and fauna. Cruises also offer many fun activities, such as card games, bingo, live music and fine dining.

6. Explore New Zealand

This is a destination for the nature-loving retiree. The sheer beauty of New Zealand’s natural wonders is staggering. From the winding woods of North Island to the sheer majesty of South Island, you can experience snow-capped mountain ranges, glistening glaciers, tucked-away coves, roaring rivers and thundering waterfalls across every nook and cranny of this breathtaking holiday destination.

You can visit snowy, cold Queenstown if you love skiing or love the snow. The cities of Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland are also well worth a visit. And suffice to say that New Zealand is sure to deliver for avid foodies too. There are excellent restaurants to indulge yourself at, as well as plenty of galleries and museums to visit. 

In Conclusion

This informative article has shared about the golden years getaway, and you’ve learned of six unique destinations perfect for travelling retirees. From Sydney, Australia, to the chilling beauty of Scandinavia, this list should help you begin planning your next big holiday. Enjoy yourself and indulge in the fruits of your hard labour as you settle into your retirement. Happy travelling, folks!

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