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Howe To DIY on Lord Howe Island

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The perfect destination for Doing. Lord Howe Island is the perfect destination to Do It Yourself. No need for a guide or a group. No buses of tourists on this sub- tropical Isle. In fact there are no buses. No masses of phone camera clicking visitors like the mainland. Here, you can be on your own. Find yourself. Seek serenity and surrender to it under natures abundant canopy.

Lord Howe island is situated 555km offshore from Australia. It is Australia’s jewel. A sparkling gem of an island, featured on top ten island holiday lists in all the Glamour Magazines around the world. It is the most Southern Coral Reef in the World. A miniature Barrier Reef and part of a system or underwater plateau known as The Lord Howe Rise with Middleton Reef, Chan Reef and Elizabeth Reef the other reefs in this chain. Elizabeth reef has only been visited by 200 people ever. A day sailing away from Lord Howe Island, you can sail your own boat there.

The fishing is spectacular in the world’s cleanest environment outside Lord Howe, unfiltered waters team with huge Yellow fin, the endangered Black Cod and 500 different species lurching in the depths surrounding this mysterious Rock. Try Lobster Diving and Spearfishing, both solo pursuits to bring out your inner hunter.

In the shallows of its world famous, warm watered Lagoon, you can hand feed fish, swim and snorkel with new fluorescent friends. All without rules or others if you so please. The water is the Clearest and cleanest in the world, the converging tropical and temperate ocean currents seeing to that.

Book your own Accommodation on the Island, organise your own outings treks, bush walks, climbs, picnics, marathon swims and walks around the Island. In these days of online Booking, you can arrange the lot. Start by Booking your own airfare, only 2hours flying time from East Australia, in its own in the Big blue Pacific just like you. Snorkelling swimming, sailing and surfing are just some of the pleasures of the summer on Lord Howe Island. All of these you can do yourself without an organised group. Go Stand Up Paddling with your family or your partner. Surf the many outer reefs and breaks by yourself or with the locals. Windsurf or Kite Surf the windward side, surf the offshore winds .The beauty of the landscape can really be appreciated from out on the water. You can do all this in your own time.

Kayaking and canoeing are other parts of the pleasures on water. Fitness and fun in one .The crowds on Lord Howe Island are always limited as only 400 can visit at any one time. Only 350 lucky locals live here, so you’ll never be stressed by crowds Family holidays are popular as kids can swim or snorkel safely straight off the beach. You can hand feed tame fish at Ned’s Beach. The family can take a glass bottom boat to view the sea life – organize it yourself. A round island trip is always a fun way to spend a day.



And after an active day head back to Waimarie Apartments, which are located 1.5km to the main shops & 150m to Lagoon surf beach for a stay in one of their spacious one bedroom self-contained fully equipped holiday apartments.

Nature and Land lovers can explore the island hiking one of the many spectacular walking tracks. All walks are graded for fitness so you can wander along sea level tracks or head up a challenging mountain trek to see nature in all its glory at this time of year .Breathtaking views await you.

For a friendly stay, many of our regular visitors to LHI recommend Hideaway Apartments; close to walking tracks, beaches & shops. Fully equipped with a BBQ for al-fresco dining. Choose from the cottages or 5 spacious 2 room apartments with all facilities. 02 6563 2054 for further details.

Bikes are the main mode of transport for locals and visitors alike. Top speed on motorized transport is 25km per hour. Everybody waves as they go past. Everyone says hello, kids can go shoeless to school. Island style. Hire your bikes from Wilsons Hire Service, booking ahead is advised especially during school and public holiday periods. They have late model cars as well. You can hire all your snorkelling gear from there – go to

Community Markets are a festive experience on the second Sunday of each month, buy a souvenir. Fresh local produce, hand crafted pandanus baskets ,arts and crafts by talented locals unique to this island are for sale.

Fly to this to perfect pacific need for a Passport. No need for a Visa. No need to lose money on the foreign exchange rates Do it all yourself. Keep it simple. A place to forget your mobile phone, your internet addiction. A rare Island of Individuality unlike any other in the world, just like you. Unique and On its Own.

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