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The Island of Special Things to Do

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Just offshore, over the sea but not overseas lies a bustling active island. Serene and green, this island hides the action well. Somewhere amongst the pines, shots are being fired, games are being played and looking from outside no-one is the wiser. People are creating on The Island of Special things to Do. Music is being played on the beaches, in the fields. Great feasts and festivals ring loudly over the sea. Costumes are worn to balls and banquets.

You can get creative on your next holiday with one of Norfolk Islands Quilt Retreats and Getaways where you can learn the local ways and increase your skills with Master Quilters from Australia and New Zealand. Let the arts runneth into you with Theatre in Paradise where amateur theatre companies from Australia and New Zealand compete for the Trans-Tasman Best Production Trophy, it’s the 20th anniversary of this wonderful event. Paint with one of 12 small groups led by renowned artists at the En Plein Air Painting and art workshop on this famous artist retreat of Norfolk Island, for more information and bookings go to

Snorkel or bathe in pristine waters, some with turtles. Canoe or kayak to secret locations or out to the reef. Dive off platforms into the sea. Life abounds on this 3 million year old volcanic outcrop. Unique species of animal & bird live here. Walks & treks can be arranged from your lodgings. Close to the National Park & it’s many scenic walkways are the lovely grounds of Selwyn Cottage. This famous cottage is set in a sub-tropical garden overlooking a peaceful valley of Norfolk Pines & green forest. This private one bedroom luxury cottage has all the appointments you need & is in a position that is perfect for our outdoor loving travellers go to for bookings & more.

On this active island, you can trek, picnic, swim, run, jog, ride a bike, climb, play golf, join a team, windsurf, ride a surfboard or a SUP, go diving, fish from the beach, rocks or offshore. Lay on the beach or stay indoors doing nothing but relaxing, the choice is yours. There are many things to do.

If you’re a bowler the Norfolk Island Bowls club, hosts many events during the year. Competitors and Teams are welcome on the Island who have a proud and strong reputation as bowlers of a high degree, competing in local, Australian, and international tournaments regularly.

Norfolk Island Bowling Club have a full calendar of events with the TAB Triples still to run in August 2017; it’s a 3 bowl triples event. That is followed by the Pairs in February 2018 from the 19th-23rd. The dates of these tournaments have been put together to coincide with existing airline schedules, so you can come with a team or as an individual for a wonderful active bowling Holiday on Norfolk Island. The Bounty Open is an open format event followed by a week of mixed team format from the 29th April until the 10th of May 2018. All visitors are welcome to the club. Come for a friendly drink or dinner in the new bistro under new management.

All around the island you can smell the aroma of fine local organic produce being turned into gourmet meals. The tempting scents are all part of the fabulous Taste Norfolk Island Food and Culture Festival, celebrating the incredible edibles grown and raised on this island of surprises. Come and celebrate fine food and wine from 27 November to 1 December, there are package deals available – go to for all the details.

Celebration after celebration, party after party, Norfolk is in full swing year round. Many of the locals have to multi-task to look after their livelihoods and the visitors to the island. So, they get together and organise fun for everyone, with nobody left out.

There are 4 Golfing tournaments you can compete in coming up. The Hardys wines Pro-am Classic is where you compete against the pros. The friendly Veterans Comp, gets pretty wild sometimes, a fun event. The Governers Cup is up for grabs once again or come over for a weekend getaway at the Castaway Bounty Open, it’s a marvellous weekend for all. Go to for details, dates and bookings.

Holidays include food, dinner, breakfast and more food. The abundance and self-sustaining nature of agriculture on Norfolk is staggering. Local sourced organically grown produce abounds; fresh seafood is caught on a daily basis, free range animals and farm to plate daily are the norm. The fresh air, great climate and traditional farming have ensured a great deal of the self-determination Norfolk Island is known for.

If you like guns and shooting and who doesn’t, you can compete with the locals in the annual pistol shooting, clay shooting or archery championships, held all around the island, fun unique competitions. For more details head to

Music, music everywhere on the Island of special things to do, jazz is heard in the bays, in the bars, on the beach, and on the land during the Norfolk Island Jazz Festival from the 3rd to the 5th of December, a must for all Jazz fans. Next year is the 25th year of the celebrated Norfolk Island Country Music Festival, a very popular event running from the 21st until the 25th of May 2018 Yee ha, packages are available for these at

The island is alive with things to do, events to attend and sporting holidays galore, call our trusted travel agents to find out more about their package deals to these and many many other events on the Island of Special Things To Do.

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