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Norfolk Island; So much to see and do…

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There aren’t many places in the world where drivers wave as each car goes by, locals leave their cars unlocked and all fresh food is seasonal or pulled from the sea.

Welcome to Norfolk Island, a short and comfortable two and a half hours flying from Australia. Norfolk Island is another world! The Island is a haven for visitors looking for a relaxing holiday with a difference, a holiday that can be as laid back or action packed as they choose.

Norfolk Island has an idyllic climate, stunning beaches, coastal and rainforest walks, intriguing tours and experiences for all ages. The island is safe and friendly and will leave you wishing you stayed longer.

There’s a multitude of indoor and outdoor dining options on the island.  All food is grown seasonally and largely organically on this small resourceful island. Fresh produce tastes how it “used to taste”.  Visitors to the island need to try the local fish, which can only be described as divine, local beef and pork, experience the small boutique products such as coffee, honey, wine and cheese.


Water activities on Norfolk Island are a must, allowing people to enjoy crystal clear waters.  Emily Bay lagoon is naturally protected by a stunning above and under water coral reef. On low tide the bay is like a lake, you can swim to the pontoon in its centre, go snorkelling, kayaking or see the underwater world by popular glass bottom boat. Join the locals at one of two jetties to toss in a line for a family feast or take a fishing boat charter, where you don’t come home empty handed!

Sport on the island is for everyone, there’s such a diverse range on the island and most clubs celebrate with at least 1 (or up to 3 major events!) each year. A popular sport and location is the golf course where visitors play on one of the most beautiful historic courses in the world … bordered by South Pacific Ocean and historic world heritage listed Kingston area.


There are many accommodation options on the island ranging from stunning five star to beautifully appointed hotels and self-contained apartments.  Norfolk has something for everyone’s tastes and budgets.

Norfolk Island Travel Centre is a local business offering visitors the advice and recommendations only locals can provide, their team assists with all Norfolk Island booking arrangements from airfares, accommodation, tours to restaurant favourites.  Locally owned and operated on Norfolk Island we take exceptional pride in our service, we’re here to ensure the delivery of our clients Norfolk Island experience is extraordinary. We meet and greet all guests at the Norfolk airport and we’re on hand to assist during your stay, as much (or as little!) as you would like us to be.

For more information contact The Norfolk Island Travel Centre, Norfolk Island on toll free phone 1800 1400 66  or email

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