Norfolk Nonstop

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Norfolk Island has been in the news of late. The Australian government messing with Norfolk’s’ independence and self-government. It has been named as a new candidate for an asylum-seeker detention centre and even as a venue for the first medical marijuana crop in the Australian region.

None of this news has had any effect on the independent Norfolk spirit. Life on the island rolls on and the 1300 residents have plenty of life in them. They never stop!

Celebration after celebration, party after party, Norfolk is in full swing year round. Many of the locals have to multi-task to look after their livelihoods and the visitors to the island. So they get together and organise fun for everyone, with nobody left out.

In JUNE they have the Bounty Day celebrations where locals celebrate their history in colour and dress. The Castaway Bounty Open Golf Tournament tees off and there is a Ballroom Dancing Festival. If that isn’t enough June is also the time for the Croquet Tournament, a fantastic event and the Archery Championships an age old art continued from first settlement.  Go to  for dates and details.

JULY sees the extremely popular Christmas in July extravaganza, A 3D Archery Championship and the Wildmob Norfolk Island Conservation Project. Something for the nature loving, party raving archer in all of us.

Holidays include food, dinner, breakfast and more food. The abundance and self-sustaining nature of agriculture on Norfolk is staggering. Local sourced organically grown produce abounds; fresh seafood is caught on a daily basis, free range animals and farm to plate daily are the norm. The fresh air, great climate and traditional farming have ensured a great deal of the self-determination Norfolk Island is known for.

Walking, trekking, cycling, bird watching, hill climbing and jogging are all happening here by the busy locals who guide their visitors expertly to the best locations.

If you wish to keep fit Norfolk Island Fitness and Health have classes at their gym from boxfit to Pilates to core strength or visit to arrange a personal training session.

AUGUST arrives ready for the Red Hatters Gathering. A madcap event for locals and visitors with competitions. The Norfolk Island TAB Classic Triples’ Bowls Tournament from the 15th-20th August with games every day come and play or socialise with the local players – they’re hot!

The Hardy’s Wine Pro-Am Classic plays form the 21st-26th August. Packages to this magic golf tournament for 7 nights ex Sydney and Brisbane from $992 for bookings.

Ian Rolfe, Southern Lightscapes Photography Workshop and Chinese Brush Painting with Stephen Cassetari are all on in August. Take a Folk History Tour to learn of Norfolks convict, whaling and bounty background.

SEPTEMBER -coming into springtime on Norfolk, a time of rejuvenation and blossoming nature. Unique nature only the island owns. Over 40 plants can only be seen here on this flourishing far away island. So come in September and join the Wildmob Norfolk Island Conversation Project, celebrate nature by getting the Uke out at the Ukulele Festival which runs from the 9th-18th September a crazy week of island style, folk, modern and blended tunes. Bring out the artist in you at The Norfolk Island Art Workshop.  Flora Week celebrates the biodiversity and gardens on the island.

The Norfolk Island Trans-Tasman Junior Outriggers are held from 26th-29th September – in the September school holidays and all crews are invited to participate. Junior crews  from Australia, NZ, Cook Islands and Norfolk Island Outrigger Clubs race and have fun during this special event – go to for details

Bowlers are invited to the Norfolk Island Bowls Club, now 75 years of age, where the hospitality is legendary. The Bowls Club welcomes all visitors whether bowlers or not to its club. Come and play or just have a drink or dinner from the famous bistro. It’s the friendliest club you’ll ever visit and Norfolk Islanders are plenty famous for their bowling teams, so a challenge is always on. Burnt Pine Travel have packages for bowlers, teams and others for all events

OCTOBER hosts the Around the Island Relay Race come and have a jog around the island. Gardeners Week & Agriculture and Horticultural Show, an annual event of fun carnival times.

The Norfolk Island Fly-In a model aero challenge that is fun to watch or participate in. The Quilters Gateaway, Theatre in Paradise, the Wildmob Conversation Project, Norfolk Island Art Workshop and Adam Woodhams Garden Tour. Go to for bookings to these super speciality weeks. It’s a wonder the locals have any time left after all these events.

NOVEMBER is always an exciting month on this active rock in the pacific. Foodies will salivate over the Norfolk Island Food Festival from the 28th-2nd December. A delightful festival celebrating everything about food on Norfolk Island. Learn from amazing chefs about the local organic, free range, paddock to plate produce. Taste and sample traditional dishes and the modern Norfolk cuisine making a name for itself around the world. for package deals.

NOVEMBER also sees the Governor’s Cup Golf Tournament, a History Lovers Tour Week and Thanksgiving – Norfolk Island is one of the only places outside the USA due to their contact with American whalers in the past. The Masters Squash Tournament is on from the 7th-11th November and Burnt Pine Travel has packages from $1295 for 7 nights, come and watch while exploring the island

DECEMBER is shooting time with the Pistol Shooting Competition on from 4th-8th. Jazz is heard everywhere on the island during the Norfolk Island Jazz Festival from the 5th-8th. Go to for all your group bookings for these fabulous events.

There is no stopping the Norfolk mob. They celebrate their proud history, compete in every sport, party like there’s no tomorrow and make you feel like a local without even trying. So come on over and join in the fun, it’s your island too.

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