Around the world ticket? When is the optimum time to visit?

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By Anna Rogan

Ready to take off on an around the world adventure? Or maybe you’re just dreaming and scheming your next big trip. In this article, we look at the best times to visit popular tourist destinations around the world – so you have great temperature and weather wherever you go.

January – February

 Thailand has hot weather all year round, but the humidity can be oppressive, and it’s a good idea to avoid the monsoon season. The cool season during January and February is perfect for travellers as rainfall and humidity levels are at their lowest. The average temperature for this time of year in Thailand is 28°C (average high 33°C, average low 22°C).

If you’re looking for somewhere more ‘winter wonderland’ than ‘tropical paradise’, The French Alps in January could be the perfect stop on your ticket. The best snow and freshest powder can usually be found during January when the temperatures are cold and the days are short. Make sure you research school holiday times in advance, the French love a ski holiday and resorts can be crowded at these times. The average temperature for January in The Alps is 10°C (average high 15°C, average low 4°C).

March – April

March through April is one of the loveliest times to visit Japan, temperatures are not too cold, rainfall is low, and the gorgeous cherry blossoms are in bloom. In Tokyo, the average temperature in April is 14°C (average high 17°C, average low 10°C).

 Or hop across to Hawaii during March and April to visit Oahu, an Island paradise perfect for pampering and relaxation with an average temperature of 22°C (average high 25°C, average low 18°C).

May – June

The warm days of Rome’s shoulder season from May to June provide a beautiful backdrop for sightseeing – and a good excuse for gelato. The average June temperature in Rome is 23°C (average high 29°C, average low 17°C).

Barcelona is a popular summer destination and beaches are packed with tourists enjoying the hot weather (June – August). To avoid the crowds plan to visit during the shoulder season in May when the average temperature is 16°C (average high 22°C, average low 14°C).

 July – August

The United Kingdom has a reputation for grey days and drizzle so if you’re looking for the best weather to see Big Ben, plan your visit during summer. London enjoys the lowest rainfall and highest temperatures in June and July with the average temperature a mild 19°C (average high 22°C, average low 14°C).

Summertime in Paris is so lovely Nancy Sinatra penned a song about it. Stroll the banks of the Seine during July or August and enjoy consistently warm weather with an average temperature of 20°C (average high 25°C, average low 16°C).

Across the world, in Peru, the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu are most enjoyable in July and August when the chance of rain is lowest and the days are sunny with an average temperature of 26°C (average high 31°C, average low 22°C).

September – October

Animal lovers wanting to get the best sightings on safari should plan to visit South Africa’s Kruger National Park in September. The end of the dry winter season sees animals congregating around waterholes and rivers and the days start to get a little warmer too, with temperatures averaging 21°C (average high 29°C, average low 13°C).

Situated on the Mediterranean coast, the French city of Nice boasts beautiful beaches with mild, sunny weather all year round. While the rest of Europe starts to cool down, average temperatures in Nice in September remain an enjoyable 22°C (average high 25°C, average low 18°C).

November – December

 Hong Kong is mild and pleasant for most of the year, but the best time for shopping and city sightseeing is in November while it is sunny and relatively cool with an average temperature of 22°C (average high 24°C, average low 19°C).

Spring in New York is lovely, but winter is truly spectacular. Rug up against the cold to take in the magical Christmas displays that go up around the city after Thanksgiving. You might even be lucky enough to get a white Christmas with an average temperature in December of 9°C (average high 13°C, average low 4°C).

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