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Participate or not on Lord Howe

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The name Lord Howe Island conjures up images of relaxation, beautiful beaches and tropical dream scapes.

A place to lay down on the sand, wade in the gleaming crystal lagoon, chill out and take a siesta. While it is true that you can luxuriate yourself into a state of blissed out holidays-itis and just be, you can also choose to participate.

Here on Lord Howe, action is never far away. Thrills are all around for those who seek them. Nature has provided a playground for the adventurous on LHI.

Should you choose to participate, you may find yourself clinging to a thick rope on a cliff face or racing across the lagoon at high speed on a kite. It is not far to this sports destination.

Only 2 hours to perfect paradise, no need for a passport or a visa. No need to lose money on the foreign exchange rates. A place to forget your mobile phone and your internet addiction. A rare isle of serenity in a hyped-up connected world. No ATMS, no predators, no crime. Over 80% is native forest. You will be astounded. Sea Turtles swim at settlement beach.

While here you can pick up a rod and reel to fish for a meal off Blinky Beach. You may want to ride a bike around the island, stopping only to identify the flocking birds in natures paradise.

Bikes are the main mode of transport for locals and visitors alike. Top speed on motorized transport is 25km per hour. Everybody waves as they go past. Everyone says hello, kids can go shoeless to school. Island style. Hire your bikes from Wilsons Hire Service, booking ahead is advised especially during school and public holiday periods. They have late model cars as well. You can hire all your snorkelling gear from there – go to

There is so much to see and do on Lord Howe Island. Swimming, snorkelling, fishing, diving, surfing, windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling are popular. Treks and walks are too.

And after an active day head back to Waimarie Apartments, which are located 1.5km to the main shops & 150m to Lagoon surf beach for a stay in one of their spacious one bedroom self-contained fully equipped holiday apartments.

Walks can be guided or on your own. Ask at your accommodation There are group walks and trekking events year round. Climbing is big on the Island with experienced guides available for all grades. Climbing events are held at various locations on different weeks throughout the year. Walking is Life on Lord Howe. See the shoeless kids walk to school. Super Casual. Super Cool.

Swim around the island with a visiting Olympic coach. Trek the forests with a landscape photographer. Sample the local food with gourmets. Taste the wine with experts. Participate.

Pinetrees has weeks for all interests throughout the year. Photography weeks, swim weeks. Food and wine tasting weeks, art weeks such as the Seven Peaks Walk go to for more information.

Sample, buy, try, get involved, play, join in, do.

Golfing tournaments are held throughout the year. Bowlers can join in with the locals, all are welcome to play. Sailors can find a boat to crew, fisherman can find a charter, surfers can find a wave. Get into it.

Lord Howe Community Markets attract the visitors, who are surprised by the fresh organic local grown produce and the variety of cool cultural craft works.

Paddling is a great way to view the scenery. Hire a kayak, canoe or stand up paddleboard for some exercise while you look.

For a friendly stay, many of our regular visitors to LHI recommend Hideaway Apartments; close to walking tracks, beaches & shops. Fully equipped with a BBQ for al-fresco dining. Choose from the cottages or 5 spacious 2 room apartments with all facilities. 02 6563 2054 for further details.

Climb the statuesque Mt Gower. It is 875metres down. A fitness challenge for all who choose to participate. The tracks are steep. The walks are strenuous. One of the best ways to get into climbing, walking and action is the Seven Peaks Walk at Pinetrees, LHI. Pinetrees are experienced in everything Lord Howe. The popular 7 Peaks Walk is one of the worlds best adventure activities. The Seven Peaks Walk is an eco-trek of mountain peaks and rugged cliffs.

Hiking, trekking, mountain climbing & eco-watching can be combined together in the Seven Peaks Walk-a 5-day guided adventure from beach to mountain through Lord Howe’s challenging terrain. After each walk return to the comfort of Pinetrees for a hot shower, icy cold beer & a chef prepared gourmet 4 course dinner with superb wines. Challenge yourself by day, push your limits then relax the night away in luxury, the perfect mix go to

The clear air is breathable. The sky full of birds. At night you are blanketed by the Milky Ways comforting starscape.

Participate – you’re on Lord Howe Island.

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