5 Easy Tips to Save Money

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A lunch out one day, an after-work cocktail another day – all these little habits end up costing you big bucks in the long run. We’d all love to save some money, whether it’s for that hand-bang you’ve been eyeing, or an end of the year holiday. Below, we’ve listed some tips that can help you save plenty of dough without having to make big sacrifices.

1. Shop Online Going to the mall to buy items such as books and clothes can put a big damper on your savings. Why? Not only are the items full priced most of the time, but you also have to pay sales tax. You can find a book online for up to 80% off the bookstore retail price, and to boot, no sales tax! Take a note of an item you like when out shopping, and look to see if you can find it online for cheaper.

2. Make your Own Household Cleaner Commercial cleaners can cost upwards of $300 per year, depending on which brand you prefer. You can use kitchen staples such as white vinegar and baking soda to make your own cleaning solution that is inexpensive and healthier for your household!

3. Go Grocery Shopping Once a Week Research shows that those who write down a grocery list, and go shopping once a week, end up saving tons of money compared to those who go more often. The more you go to the grocery store, the more likely you are to spend excessive money on things you don’t need. Plan out your meals, write down your grocery list, and go grocery shopping as infrequently as you can.

4. Give Up Your Bad Habits If you’re a smoker, or a heavy drinker, you can be losing out on a lot of cash! Not only is smoking and excessive drinking bad for you, but they are expensive habits to keep up with as well. Limiting yourself to a glass of wine once a week and nixing the smokes can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per year! Plus, you’ll be saving money on expensive medical bills in the future.

5. Pay with Cash People tend to spend higher dollar amounts when they are just swiping a credit or debit card, because they don’t physically see the money being handed over. Pay with cash so you’ll be able to see your hard earned money slipping away, making it more difficult for you to over-spend.

Having a little extra dough saved up in your bank account can come in handy when you get the itch to go on vacation or splurge on a gift for your significant other. Follow the easy, simple tricks we’ve listed – and you’ll see rising dollar signs in your bank account in no time.


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  1. Julie Harrington

    Great tips I could certainly do with following some of these

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