Creating a will has never been so simple with Assurity Docs

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Assurity Docs is an online provider of solicitor prepared wills. We cover 95% of peoples scenarios, whether you’re married/ de facto, single, have children or not.

Without a will you don’t get to choose who receives your assets or who looks after your children -the state does, and it can be extremely costly for those you leave behind. If you haven’t reviewed your current will we recommend you do – you could be leaving your assets to the wrong person.

Our wills ensure you have the protection you need when you leave your loved ones behind.

our wills include:

  • Setting testamentary trusts
  • Selecting executors
  • Selecting beneficiaries
  • Appointing guardians for your children

how we differ to DIY will kits:

  • Professionally created wills by a solicitor
  • Set up as a testamentary trust
  • Reviewed by will specialists
  • Covers all your assets automatically without having to specify them
  • Terms and conditions you wouldn’t think of (i.e. children only being able to receive assets when they are 25 years old)

how to get started:

Simply go to and follow the steps. Alternative contact our representatives at 02 9389 1077 or


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