Safety First – The benefits of containing your cat

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New regulations are being introduced by local councils around Australia in an effort to stop cats roaming and protect native wildlife. With some councils introducing curfews and hefty fines, many cat-lovers are looking at ways to contain their beloved pets and prevent harm coming to birds and other animals. There are many options available when it comes to cat containment from building a cat enclosure to installing cat-proof fencing or enclosing a balcony area to create a ‘catio’, there are solutions to suit every cat owner’s needs.

Plus there are plenty of benefits as well; by creating a secure outdoor area for cats to explore they are protected from the dangers of cars and cat fights, infectious disease and injury, other animals and people. At the same time a cat enclosure can provide peace of mind for the cat owner knowing their pet is out of harm’s way.

Having an enclosure enables cats to experience the outside world safely. Exposure to fresh air and sunshine, breezes and scents, neighbourhood sights and sounds are all psychologically beneficial for feline health.

Cat Protection Society’s factsheet on Cat-proof fencing and enclosures outlines many of the considerations to keep in mind when deciding on the best containment option to suit you and your cat’s needs. When planning, you might decide to enlist the assistance of an installer or look at DIY alternatives to create your own. Always ensure your cat has access to adequate shelter from the weather and fresh water available within their enclosure. Remember the purrfect enclosure has spaces for your cat to play and hide, elevated perches for watching and comfy spots for napping. Include enrichment items like cat-friendly plants, hammocks, interactive toys and tunnels that will take your cat’s enclosure to the next level and make it a fun space where they will love spending time and you will too.

For information on containing cats and the benefits of creating safe outdoor areas for cats to enjoy, watch a wonderful series of videos from Catnets and hear from responsible cat owners about letting their pets Safely explore the outdoors and Protecting cats and wildlife.

For more information on responsible cat ownership and everything feline, go to or if you’d like guidance call Cat Protection Society of NSW for assistance on 02 9557 4818.



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