5 on the fly: walking and hiking resources

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by Sarah Halfpenny

With the gorgeous landscapes and diverse terrains that Australia has to offer, walking and hiking should be a joyous adventure. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just getting started, there’s a wealth of information out there to help you plan your next escapade. Here are five fantastic resources to guide you on your journey …

  1. Great Australian Walks with Julia Zemiro (TV Show)

From the comfort of your couch, switch on SBS or SBS On Demand and delve into the breathtaking beauty of Australia’s trails through the lens of this captivating TV show, hosted by Julia Zemiro. Explore stunning landscapes, discover hidden gems, meet some captivating people, learn some fascinating history, and get inspired for your next walk.

  1. Walkers Journal (Magazine)

Immerse yourself in the pages of Walkers Journal, an Australian magazine tailored for walking enthusiasts. Packed with insightful articles, trail recommendations, and first-hand accounts, it’s a valuable source of inspiration and information packed with gorgeous photos.

  1. AllTrails (App)

Marvel at the power of modern technology with this user-friendly app that provides a vast collection of trail maps, reviews, and photos submitted by fellow walkers. Filter trails by difficulty, length, and accessibility to find your perfect match.

  1. aussiebushwalking.com (Website)

Dive into the comprehensive world of this website dedicated to sharing detailed trail descriptions, user reviews, and tips from fellow hikers. Discover trails that match your preferences and access valuable insights before you hit the trail.

  1. Australian Hiker (Podcast)

If you’ve got time to kill, this is an auditory treat for hiking enthusiasts that has been painstakingly researched by hosts Tim and Gill Savage. The podcast offers in-depth discussions on gear, trail experiences, and valuable insights to enhance your walking adventures.

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