5 on the fly: easy life hacks

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by Sarah Halfpenny

Unlock a world of efficiency and creativity with these five clever life hacks – from kitchen brilliance to gardening ingenuity, get ready to elevate your routine…

  1. Grease and dust barrier

Place baking paper atop kitchen cupboards to prevent grease and dust build-up. Replace every few months for a clean look. Opt for compostable eco baking paper for an environmentally-friendly touch.

  1. Wardrobe freshness

Hang a chalk bundle in your wardrobe or a thrifty moisture-absorbing solution. This simple alternative to an electric dehumidifier will keeps your clothes fresh and dry.

  1. Plastic packaging saviour

Use a can opener to tackle stubborn plastic packaging. This handy trick makes opening those frustrating clamshell cases a breeze.

  1. Sweet sprinkle dispenser

Transform a pepper grinder into a sweet condiment dispenser. Fill it with sprinkles or hard lollies and grind them over desserts like ice cream or cakes for a delightful touch that looks and tastes great.

  1. Gardening helper

Repurpose the base of an old muffin tin to create orderly rows for planting seedlings. Press it into the soil to form neat imprints, allowing room for growth by planting seeds in alternate holes if necessary.

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