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Eternal Youth

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The quest for eternal youth has been with mankind for thousands of years. Ancient cultures used salves, balms, oils and ointments to stave off the ravages of aging on the face and body. Native cultures discovered special leaves and roots to brew into teas and concoct into potions.

Not much has changed from these experiments days although in the modern world the search for eternal youth is more through cosmetic procedures. New drugs, hormone injections, organ transplants and Dental rejuvenations.

herbs in a bowl

Herbs and Potions still play a great part and many ancient herbs and roots have been rediscovered for their potent antioxidant and regenerative properties.

Cell rejuvenation and training to help this occur have become popular subjects in the anti-ageing community. Caloric restrictions and steady exercise daily have been used in combination with an effect on ageing of the body. Mind training is used as a tool to fight against the mortality of the brains cells as are a new class of drugs called “smart drugs”. The effects of some of these drugs on the neuronic responses in the brain was discovered almost accidentally as an aside to their real work as anti-Parkinson or anti-Alzheimer’s medicines. Just as some of the healing power of plants was found in the jungles of the ancient.

The search for a cure for Aids, the common cold and certain virus’ has led to scientists to the brink of development of vaccines in the fight against cancer. As one search for anything other pathways arise. As it is in science, so it is in Life.

Many of the people searching for a more youthful existence in their maturing years, have found that as well as the physical and mental progress takes place in us, a new awakening begins to unfold, a search for something meaningful outside and within ourselves. The practise of meditation is said to help the ageing of the mind slow, as the moments of meditation could be seen as a ‘brain rest’ or a ‘minds vacation’. The study of ancient symbols and the higher meaning for mankind has been with us forever, and seems to have an intrinsic part to play in the development of humanity.

The Rosicrucian Order has studied the symbols and practices for ancient cultures to adapt a working strategy for the mastery of oneself and ones destiny in today’s world. The mystical knowledge past down over the centuries has been made available through the progressive refinement of teachings from the learned masters from the past. The search for meaning has revealed its answers and from here they can be sourced by learning and by the practise.

Co-Masonry brings the traditional rituals and practises of the Freemasons to both women and men. With some historic help from the great mystic and the Theosophist Annie Besant, co-masonry shine a different light on the Ancient Order of Free Masonry, with some esoteric and mystical aspects revealed as the co-masons progress or along the path. The famous writer, philosopher and arcane genius, Charles Leadbeater once headed the Sydney Lodge and co-authored the ritual used by many co-masonic lodges today.

Both of these ancient fraternities promote brother/sister hood belonging and self-discovery. The practice of spiritual or community work has been shown to help increase lifespan.

The reasoning behind this is the need to be wanted to be useful, to belong and the benefits of seeing, working, talking with others harmoniously heal us as we do. We take away more benefits from giving than receiving. A calm feeling of contentment is experienced by many who help others voluntarily.

All of these factors can help us hold back the years and live wonderfully.

Our skin is living and breathing and the ancients spent hours in milk baths, rubbing oils and special balms into their skin to stop the many nasty diseases and to luxuriate their largest organ. The skin is the front line of defence for the body and is subject to an inane amount of brutality in its life as your covering. An oil from Africa may help many of the conditions of age and disease that the skin can carry.

Kigelia oil is an extract from the sausage tree that has been used. Tamanu oil helps the tissues of the skin. Both are worth a try go to

The face is where we show our age first and the face is one of the most used parts of our body as we express our feelings through our face. We smile, cry and laugh with our face. We eat with our mouth on our face and we use our teeth in all of these processes to show, present and use as tools. The teeth are a most important factor in our quest to stay youthful in appearance. That is why proper maintenance of the teeth is of paramount importance and in today’s world a good smile says it all. Unfortunately ageing has a detrimental effect on the teeth with many people losing teeth as they age. Some teeth need replacing as we get older. Dentures use to be the solution for those who have suffered this irreversible loss. Replacement of the teeth is necessary to regain a youthful appearance, to eat healthy again, for to chew is to eat healthy and to be able to smile with confidence, certainly takes the years off.


Chatswood Dental Centre has a new process delivering all teeth on four dental implants within 48 hours. This revolutionary breakthrough has taken all the fuss and pain out of teeth replacement. The older treatments would take forever and a day to complete with many visits.

The All on 4 procedure means you will have a full permanent set of teeth on only 4 implants in just one or two days. The entire treatment from laboratory to placement under the one roof in just on 2 days has made this one of the most popular procedures in the centres history of care. These implants look, feel and function just like real teeth. You will feel brand new with a great new smile. For details to go

Through the ages and in the ancient pages the search for secret of youth has gone on. Today many procedures can help us, modern medicine and save us and a healthy happy attitude can heal us.




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