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Our perception of life can assume many forms. It can be taken up in the day to day activities, being mindful of up and coming events or it can be the activator to new worlds within us.

In our daily stressful, overloaded lives we tend to look down at the ground in front of us and not up at the stars. The earthly has replaced the universal and the logical mind is working through the soup of information that is rapidly replacing itself on our minds screen.

Think for an instant if we could change our perception ever so slightly towards the mystical, higher possibilities that are always available universally, but so often these days disregarded or overlooked.

The fraternities of ancient knowledge from the pyramid builders to today are still passing on and revealing the mystical paths of self-discovery today. In the Masonic tradition of co-masonry the ancient is brought forth in a modern form revealing little secrets as you learn and discover a sense of belonging.

The Rosicrucians have a progressive school of thought encompassing cosmic harmony and human health with practical applications to mastering the situations life brings to us. Both of these ancient practices adhere to a brotherhood/sisterhood code of unification of wisdom and knowledge into the heart of the practitioner.

In Co-Masonry aiding with our words, the weak standing with the strong, the revealing of the mystical through practice, initiation, the warming of the heart and our thought, prayers and others needs are revealed to the practitioner as a new form of awareness unfolds.

The Rosicrucians detailed studies of ancient spirituality has blended the cosmic with the practical to the highest degree. All facets of our lives recovered with ways to extract the essence from the universal library available to us all. For more information go to


Our skin is our largest organ, we breathe through our skin, we lose water from our skin, we scrape it, cut it, it gets sore, all sorts of punishment happens at skin level. That is why it is important to try and look after this vital part of our being. Many people cover their skin in approved chemicals that leach through, preservatives they are called. I personally don’t like any preservatives going onto or into my body. From Africa there is a tree called the Sausage Tree that has been used for centuries for skin care and product with a wild African history, and you can get it here in Australia at If you are after more information on any of the above just google for yourself.


Pain management for the over 50s is a common subject. Many talking about the cocktail of pain-killing and anti-inflammatory pills they have to take. Some have been to dedicated pain clinics, others to alternative practitioners. Some new developments in managing pain have been developed recently and one of these is the use of micro current therapy. Whilst not boasting to guarantee a quick fix or cure, this type of therapy may assist in helping manage may types of pain, for more info please go to

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