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Anti-ageing – it’s never too late

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Anti-ageing – it’s never too late

A new anti-ageing drug named metformin will be tested on humans next year. Once again research on other diseases of decay & debilitation has led to a discovery in a different field.

Tests of this drug have already extended the life of animals, so it is expected to work in a similar fashion in humans.

This wave of accidental discovery is pushing a new focus on the slowing down of ageing as a way to reduce disease & conditions such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, dementia & diabetes.

Metformin has been used already as a drug to fight diabetes. It comes at a small cost & increases the number of oxygen molecules released in a cell. As we age cells divide all the time & sometimes make mistakes & when they do we have a reduced capacity to rapidly repair the damage. The oxygen released into the cells by Metformin helps to make the cells stronger & live longer, thus staying healthier for longer. Mice on this drug lived 40% longer & their bones were stronger. It also inhibits an age relating accelerant called mTor that is involved with cancer development.

As always, seek medical advice before embarking on any new self-medication regime, because all drugs have side effects.

Our Health span can be improved by reducing stress, including daily exercise, having an optimistic outlook, good nutrition & supplementing with both vitamin & new discovery drugs. Some of these factors are just common sense others require a bit of research for each individual to find what fits. An Aspirin a day has for the last few decades been prescribed widely to help prevent Heart attacks & strokes by thinning the blood. Now scientists think it may help in preventing a few more chronic conditions occurring.

Aspirin, they now think, may improve cancer survival in bowel, breast & prostate cancer patients in low doses. Its use as an anti-inflammatory may help in the prevention of bile-duct cancer as well. It’s been here a long, long time but is still proving itself as an all round useful medicine to have on hand. Low dose aspirin was used for these conditions & it has also been used as first go- to drug when signs of stroke or heart attack appear-chewing a low dose aspirin has helped when first signals appear.

Magnesium is an important all round mineral that has been linked to better heart health. A daily a dose of magnesium is said to help soothe nerves & maintain heart health. Selenium, a little used mineral should be taken daily as it is rarely found in the soil as it was many years ago. Selenium in combination with G0Q10 is great at fighting in inflammation & are said to be anti cancer in their action.


Muscle atrophy is often associated with ageing. It is wise to pick up the weights as we get older. Resistance training is good for any age & strengthens the muscles & bones. Body building has become a super trend in recent years & as we all know they didn’t all get that muscle bulk from old fashioned exercise alone. Steroids play their part in increasing muscle mass at a much more rapid rate. These come with a big risk especially for the young with whom they are most popular.

Muscle mass can be increased with other supplements such as Creatine, Whey protein, Acetyl L, Carnintine, Glutamine & potassium. These & other substances are often used in conjunction with steroids by Muscle enthusiasts. Substances such as Testosterone are helpful for men over 50 to gain more muscle tone, our levels of this hormone start depleting around 35, so supplementation can bring back a bit of youth & tone to an ageing frame. HGH or Human Growth Hormone, widely used in  A grade sports can be beneficial to those over 50 wishing to loose fat & gain muscle. It is expensive & only available from a doctor’s prescription as is testosterone, although not as expensive as HGH.

The new diets for a healthy mind in our latter years should include green leafy & other colour vegetables especially purple, nuts, berries, beans, whole grains, fish, poultry, Olive Oil & Wine.

Stay away from fast food, red meats, cheese, pastries & sweets, butter, manufactured margarine & fried food. These are the latest findings to maintain a brain without dementia through diet. If you can’t give them up, you reduce them right down & you will be doing yourself some good.

Meditation, mindfulness, yoga & relaxation techniques are very popular today. New studios are popping up in every neighbourhood. One on one fitness classes & just walking the dog has never been as trendy as they are today. It’s a good thing. Not just for the participant, but for society.

The more people get out & about being mindful getting healthy, joining & sharing the better for us all.


meditate words

The mystical & spirituality have been part of mankind since the beginning of time. Rituals & symbols have played a major part in the progress of man.

The eastern order of Freemasonry is a worldwide body of both men & woman who work together the traditional rites of Freemasonry with a conscious awareness of their spiritual content. It is a modern form of understanding the ancient mysteries & a a spiritual journey of, self-discovery. Loyalty honest & a belief in a divine intelligence are integrated into a new form of knowledge. Charles Leadbeater, a famous writer, philosopher & mystic theosophist one headed the Sydney Lodge & co-authored the ritual used by many co-masonic Lodgers today.

The Rosicrucian Order is devoted to one’s own mastery of life & a liveable philosophy to do so. It is a fraternal organisation of men & women devoted to the study investigation of the natural laws that govern the universe & their practical application.

The purpose of this is to help everyone live in harmony, health & happiness with the cosmic forces that apply to us as humans with a purpose.

Tolerance, compassion & spiritual attainment are complimentary to the work & an effect may be felt throughout society as it filters through the community we live in & society in general.

Creativity in all students is enhanced in the ongoing progress of the Rosicrucian teaching. We can find the answers from inside as wisdom is revealed.



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Life should be long & happy, healthy & fulfilling. Humans are wonderful beings always coming up with new inventions, devices, cures & remedies to make our life easier. Be glad to be a human it’s a privilege to be alive!






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