How to eat well when life is busy

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“Having a wide choice of seasonal, portion controlled meals delivered straight to your front door every week is an incredibly convenient way to eat well and take control of your health and well-being. A weekly delivery of a large, white insulated foam box transformed our lives and it was so easy.”

Eat well and get healthy with this special offer from Lite n' Easy to our Go55s.
Eat well with this special offer from Lite n’ Easy to our Go55s.

A few years ago, I felt overwhelmingly busy. I was tired, cranky (my family may use stronger words than that!) and felt like life was passing me by and that everything was outside of my control. Even our washing machine had turned against us, shrinking all of our clothes… or was it because my waist line, for the first time in my life had exceeded the girth defined by diabetes risk guidelines?

I love good food and preparing healthy meals but was working long hours and turning to convenience foods and takeaway. My husband’s health was suffering too.  A heart scare propelled us into action.

Being a bit of a foodie and budding Sunday afternoon chef, I was wary of what to expect when we received that first big white foam insulated box at our front door.

One week in, I couldn’t wait to lift the lid the following week! The surprising assortment of foods – fresh, packaged and frozen – all clearly labelled and sorted into each meal for each day of the week was exactly what we needed to kick us into action.

Eat well to enjoy the good things in life

As I gained control of my health, I also gained back control of my life. Suddenly my days didn’t feel quite so crazy busy any more. The fog I was walking around in lifted week by week. We ate well, lost weight and felt inspired to then get physically fitter.

Our finances thanked us too. It cost us less to have a box or two full of nutritionally planned, portion controlled meals delivered to us than what our total food spend was beforehand.

Instead of planning and writing the dreaded shopping list, I was just popping online once a night each week and choosing from a whole list of meals with influences from diverse cuisines. Comparing dinners became a bit of a thing for us!

We completed twelve weeks worth of meals and were stupidly happy with the results from a physical, emotional and health perspective. We continued buying lunches and dinners from time to time for convenience and to keep our portions in check.

Special offer from Lite n’ Easy just for our Go55s

When I learnt that Go55s were promoting Lite n’ Easy and offering you all 20% off on your first order (for new customers and one delivery only), I couldn’t wait to share our family’s experience. Yes, I am an advocate. I know how easy it is to eat well when life is busy. In fact, I’m about to place my order for next week!

To take advantage of this special offer, visit to see the full range of flexible and convenient options available. When you’re ready to start call 13 15 12 and mention the code GO20% when you place your first order.

Enjoy taking control of your health and making life simpler!

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