Men’s Health Week 9-15 June

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mens health week

Celebrating Your AchieveMENts

Men’s Health Week is all about celebrating the many and wonderful contributions that boys and men bring to our lives. And it’s about celebrating the many everyday achievements in our lives as boys and as men, which in turn provides opportunities to think about our health and our wellbeing in a positive way.

“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way” – Napoleon Hill

This idea of celebration is about valuing boys and men and their everyday successes. Improving men’s health requires an approach that engages boys and blokes.

To improve the mental, physical and social health of boys and men in Australia means working locally alongside them, and understanding how their health is shaped by the various aspects of their lives.

And we probably all agree that celebrating many small successes in our lives is a great way to achieve better health and wellbeing – it empowers us to take those small or large steps to make today a better day.

Men’s Health Week gives local communities, local families and local people an opportunity to run events that interest boys and blokes.

It means thinking about what issues impact on the health of boys and bloke in your community – and doing something that you think would help.

And for over a decade, this idea has shown itself to be a great way to start having those conversations about what it means to be healthy in the different areas of our lives.



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