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Positive Ageing

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healthGraham Ascough at 82 years of age believes Senior Citizens can help build a better world. He practises what he preaches and has published his fourth book called “30 Strategies for Making a Fresh Start”.


Graham Ascough said “The aim of the book is to help retirees drop limited thinking and to encourage them to do what they always wanted to do. It is time to expand one’s capacity for living, learning and loving and to be excited about possible positive outcomes by breaking out of moulds. It is all about using gifts and talents in a new way to help build a better world. Also, it is being willing to face the challenge of change and to be able to cope with unexpected circumstances.”


“We need to step out of our comfort zone as limited experience produces a limited life. We are a fast growing group of people and can make an impact. Healthy discontent and inquisitive thinking can bring about personal change and dispel myths and misconceptions about ageing. Now is the time to explore your purpose and meaning in life. It is never too late to make a contribution. You are not past your prime. Do not let age limit you.


“To make a difference you need not be a great artist, writer, performer, all you need to do is to develop your own flair. It could be in writing your letter to the editor of your local paper, taking the time to voice your opinion on talk back radio, sharing your thoughts with your friends or volunteer your services to help a charity. What is important is that you do something and see life from a new perspective.”


Graham Ascough’s personal philosophy is summed up in the words of Robert Browning “The best Is Yet To Be”. Life is for living and learning. Never lose your sense of humour and turn your

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