Resolve pain, stiffness, recovery from injuries/surgery

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Do you suffer from RSI, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow or constant stiff/painful back?  Then Bowen therapy can help you.  A non-manipulative and gentle bodywork.  I have observed excellent results several cases from chronic pain after childbirth that over stretched uterine ligaments, helping rebalance the metabolism, improving sleep, muscular pain (fibromyalgia), stress release and more.

Bowen Therapy was developed by and named after Tom Bowen (1916 – 1982) who lived in Geelong, Victoria. Tom began his career working as a masseur with junior football clubs in Geelong and treating the general public at his home after hours.

Bowen Therapy is a specific series of muscle and connective tissue movements designed to treat a wide range of disorders and injuries. It addresses every system in the body – internal organs and the musculo-skeletal structure. Gentle, powerful moves send neurological impulses to the brain which is given time to process the information before feeding impulses back so the body is able to realign itself. Completing this feedback loop is essential, allowing the body to restore its own natural balance.

During a treatment, I step away from you for about two to five minutes to allow the transmitted energy to flow through respective meridian pathways. Then, further moves are applied.

Bowen Therapy assists in accessing the body’s natural feedback system. This system monitors the state of each muscle, releasing tension within the muscles. All cells in the body hold memories of events, including sites of injuries, Bowen assists in removing any energy blockages, often created by emotional issues, which have accumulated in the body, causing tension, pain and disease. Bowen provides a powerful stimulus to circulation in the joints, allowing muscles attached to the joints to relax, encouraging healing.

If inflammation is present then I always offer homoeopathic’s which work really well with Bowen therapy.  Topical herbal potions/creams/liniments can be used if there are any tissue tears, bruising, tendon strains, or recovery from bone/joint injury or surgery.  Knowledge of herbs or homoeopathy helps greatly so a multi skilled practitioner is able to prescribe the right remedy for you since many Bowen therapists are not trained in administering such remedies.

Cases that have responded well to such treatments are injuries from falling whilst on a construction site.  Pain was 10+ yet the man had received 10 physio treatments.  I was amazed how quickly he improved.  By the 2nd visit he was a “4” on the scale of 1-10 and the 3rd visit a “0”!

Another lady resolved a mini prolapse after giving birth to a larger baby than previously.  In this case she had been recommended to have hysterectomy due to constant pain and discomfort she experienced daily for over 2 years, yet one treatment she was pain free!

Fibromyalgia (FM) cases have experienced relief and improvement with Bowen therapy including herbs to assist with any muscular pain.  One case presented with FM but the lady in question had parasites in her blood and this was triggering her pain and heart seizures. Treatment for parasites was required so herbal formulas were introduced to cleanse the blood and kill off these organisms.  She was relieved from strong pain killers within two weeks and improved week by week freeing up muscular tension and allowing her to continue work.

Muscular pain can manifest for a few reasons and being diagnosed with FM may overlook what actually triggers the pain.  We must always seek the root cause of any disorder.  This requires some investigation and open communication with patient and practitioner.  Even if something appears totally unrelated it is better to share all health issues/symptoms at your consultation.

RSI and carpel tunnel syndrome have resolved in 4-6 sessions of Bowen therapy but I have always treated weekly.  Patients are instructed to perform specific stretch exercises and correct sitting positions.  Re-education of the use of the body is very important.

I have met people who have been told they need the tiny metacarpals in the wrist fusing due to weakness from wrong use/injury.  In some of these cases they never required surgery and the treatments helped them with flexibility along with assessing mineral and nutrient levels in the body.

I have found that weekly treatments for acute situations help resolve the problem much quicker rather than fortnightly.

Bowen therapy is usually received in loose clothing with no application of oil, so it is not classed as a massage which some people think it is.  This is ideal for those who prefer not to disrobe or have oil on their clothing.

People have told me what an amazing night’s sleep they have after a treatment and some people actually fall asleep on the massage table!

Don’t put off receiving a treatment!

This truly is a blessed therapy that Tom Bowen created!

Lyn Craven is a Naturopath & Bowen Therapist and can be contacted on 0403 231 804 or email lyncraven@bigpond.com  www.lyncravencorporatehealth-naturopath.com

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