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Wanted! Senior for dream internship trialling luxury holidays

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Over 60 and love to travel? Then you can broaden your skills with a Senior Internship at a prominent e-commerce company.

Australia’s leading travel site Luxury Escapes has a dream internship up for grabs, and the work experience participant will not only be trained in blogging, vlogging, social media and marketing, but will also get to travel and trial luxury hotels for free.

There is only one very specific requirement to meet – you have to be a senior, that is over 60 years of age, to apply.

“We believe Australians with great life experience have so much to contribute to the world of online travel. We are hoping the senior internship will help us understand this demographic’s preferences and needs when it comes to researching and booking travel online, and staying at five star resorts around the world,” said Livinia Nixon, ambassador for

The internship will involve two days of training at Luxury Escapes’ Sydney office, and ten days of luxury travel in Bali, while trialling and reviewing five star properties including Grand Hyatt Bali and Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali for Luxury Escapes. The intern will also share the entire journey across social media.

According to Livinia, this internship is not only a great way to travel in style, but a chance to learn new skills, as seen recently in the Hollywood comedy “The Intern”, featuring Robert De Niro playing an intern at a trendy e-commerce company with Anne Hathaway playing his boss.

“An internship is no longer just for young university graduates trying to break into an industry – it’s a great way to upskill if you’re keen on changing careers or simply want to keep learning new things,” Livinia added.

To apply for the internship or nominate someone you think would be perfect for it, head to or go to for more information. You can apply in writing or with a video application.

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