Sports Can Be A Taste Of Youth

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Sports Youth

Choosing a seniors sports recreation calls for some soul searching. Or instead, what is really needed is childs  play.

The guiding motivation. shouldn’t be doing what you’re good at, but what you enjoy doing.

When you were a youth, what did you do for fun? Did you wash the car just because you could get it really clean?

Maybe you mowed the lawn just because you liked the smell of newly cut grass, or the pat on the back from your dad.

Be honest, neither task ranked very high on your fun list back then. Youths know how to have fun! Remember?

Did you like fishing? Then why not unpack the old spinning rod and reel, and dig out your favorite lures. Do you revel in the game of golf? Go dust off your irons and woods and find a great course to play on.

The phrase senior’s sports recreation actually means to remember something once again. Senior recreation should do just that. Let’s look at fishing. Whether you’re a senior man or woman is of no consequence.

Did you love fishing when you were a child? Can you dredge up long forgotten memories of fishing with your dad or uncle from years past?

Can you close your eyes and once again smell the lake or stream you fished when you were young? Do you remember the surge of unbridled joy when you first felt a bass on your line?

Can you savor again the warm sun on the back of your neck while holding the fishing rod, waiting impatiently for something, anything to strike the bait?

Do you recall the pride of retelling the story of catching the fish to your classmates at school? What price would you be willing to pay now to relive that event again?

That is the definition of recreation, or re-creation of a once experienced joyous feeling.

Here’s three steps to take…

1. Physicians specializing in the study of the human mind tell us that we all need to step back from our everyday cares and worries at regular intervals. Every human being should reprogram his, or her, mental apparatus from time to time.

2. In the world of computer technology they call it rebooting the machine. They do it by simply shutting it down for a moment. This allows the electrical patterns of the computer’s inner workings to rearrange themselves once again into efficient activity.

3. How can we humans reboot our mental programs? Very simply…it’s called having fun! Let’s continue musing about fishing, but it could be any sports recreation.

The human psyche, which we all have, is geared toward competition. Simply having fun doing something is not always easy. We often find ourselves competing with another person. Sometimes we even compete with ourselves.

At fishing, we often strive to surpass our own history of performance. When we fish with a buddy, or mate, we find ourselves keeping tabs on them out of the corner of our eye.

Do you feel a twinge of anger, or even envy, if they catch something before you do? This is a mental prompt that you need to reboot your mind. You can’t turn yourself off like a computer, but you can redirect your thoughts.

You simply have to remind yourself that you are there to have fun. A wise person once wrote that: “Life is not what’s happening on the outside…but how you perceive it on the inside.”

Be happy that the other person with you is enjoying this good time with you. Be delighted in the mechanics of fishing. Read fishing magazines in your spare time at home and enjoy talking with friends about the sport.

Compare the benefits of various pieces of equipment and lures. Reboot your mind to have fun and refuse to compete with anyone else…including your past efforts.

Have fun with your senior sports recreation, and watch your outlook on the rest of your life improve and expand.
Senior recreation is worth its weight in gold.

And it really can be a taste of youth!


  1. derek trydale

    what a well written article -i love this magazine,its so different to all the other seniors mags.

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