The Alkaline Diet Strategy That Will Work Wonders For You

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Home Grown Organic Fruit and Vegetable HarvestAnd The Best Part?….You Can Be Buzzing With Health In Just Days

The philosophy behind the alkaline diet is that western diets are too acidic, causing acidic waste to build up in the body and wreak havoc on our organs, which in turn leads to chronic disease. Proponents advocate that by eating 70 per cent alkaline foods and 30 per cent acidic foods, you’ll create a pH balance in your body that is optimal for health and will reduce the risk of chronic disease.

It sounds confusing, but it’s essentially a vegetarian regime based on a wide variety of fresh vegetables, selected fruits, and selected legumes, grains and nuts.

To achieve the 70/30 balance, you limit acid-producing foods such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy, bread and many other grain-based foods, mushrooms, honey, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, tea, coffee and all preservatives and additives. Some versions also advise that water should be ‘ionised’.

Sample menu

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, green onions, tomatoes, capsicum and green, leafy vegetables, one cup of ginger tea

Snack: pear

Lunch: lentil soup, steamed broccoli, kale, carrots and onion

Dinner: 100g of fish, chicken or turkey, one sweet potato, and garden salad

When it comes to Health, balance is everything.

It turns out that the single most important measurement for your health is the pH of your blood and tissues – how acidic or alkaline it is.


All you have to do is take a look around you to see that most people with our modern lifestyles are suffering from imbalance. They are obese. Tired. Prematurely aging. Perhaps you are too.

In fact, half of us will die from heart disease or diabetes. A third will die from cancer.

The obvious clue is right there in the top three killers (cancer, heart disease, and diabetes). All are directly linked to diet.


The vast majority of people experiencing less-than-optimal health or illness have pH levels that are overly acidic. The primary force creating this low-level acidosis is our diet.


The typical western diet is acidifying, meaning that it consists primarily of foods that have an ongoing acidifying effect on the body.


Just as your body temperature is rigidly regulated, the body must be kept in a very narrow pH range. The body will go to great lengths to preserve that, including wreaking havoc on other tissues or systems.


Fortunately, there is much you can do to turn an unhealthy acidic environment into a health-promoting alkaline environment. In fact, the most important step you can take in creating an ideal acid-alkaline balance in your body is to take control of your diet by making smart food choices. (Please consult your doctor before dramatically changing your diet)


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