Meet the Champions of Retirement Village Living

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With 20 years’ experience in offering advice and helping people move and downsize from the family home, Malcolm and Lorraine Cox are passionate advocates of retirement village living.

Sharing that journey with clients — from helping them find the perfect village to suit their lifestyle, to settling them into the first night in their new home — is still as exciting as it was when they first founded Downsizing With Ease (DWE).

Why are they champions of retirement village living? Because they see the absolute transformation in some clients from being totally unsure and scared at the thought of downsizing and moving, to seeing them months, even weeks after the move to hear them exclaim: “You made that so easy and stress-free; WHY didn’t I do this sooner?”

Assisting people when they are downsizing is about so much more than just helping with decluttering and styling; it’s about being there ready to go through a process and stopping to quietly hold a hand, listen, understand and just let the client “be” whenever needed.

Who uses the services of Downsizing With Ease?:

  • Retirees who have decided to downsize from the family home
    Village sales managers
    Retirement village developers
    Families and/or guardians of residents in retirement who are moving to assisted living units, nursing homes or when the resident has passed away

We can help:


Downsizing With Ease are specialists at assisting retirees who need help through the complex process of moving from the family home. We offer a range of services, including but not limited to: assistance in finding a retirement village that suits their needs; preparing the house ready for sale; assistance and advice in getting rid of unwanted goods to auction, charity and waste stations; and organising all the pre-packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking of their goods, so the first night in their new home is peaceful and welcoming. Please visit to read a few testimonials from our happy and satisfied clients.

Village managers:

Refer DWE to their clients as they know that we will make each client’s transition to their village as stress-free as humanly possible. Village managers also call on Downsizing With Ease when they require their display unit contents relocated to another area.

As the senior executives from these three different villages testify:

“This company is so much more than just a removal company — they actually care about our mutual clients.”

“When I use Downsizing With Ease to help with our clients when moving into the village or even when they help move one of our display units, I just call them, give them all the required details and it is done and I can get on with what I do best and that is selling apartments in the village.”

“I have worked at two different villages that have recommended DWE to their clients. In all my years working in this industry, I have yet to see a company who compares to DWE in the genuine care they give the residents.”

Developers of retirement villages:

Selling units, especially in the first stage of a development, is crucial. Sales teams from new developments have brought in DWE before the development even starts and, through a series of presentations on downsizing and retirement village living delivered by Lorraine Cox to prospective residents and deposit holders, clients realise early on that sound help and advice is available and the decision to move becomes that much easier. Holding regular information sessions for clients while the development progresses has proved invaluable to ease the sale and moving in process at many new developments.

Families , guardians, village managers:

Some 20 different villages also use the services of Downsizing With Ease when their residents transition to assisted living, higher care or unfortunately pass away. The families are either not able to help, some are living overseas and other residents simply have no surviving relatives. One such resident recently called Lorraine from DWE to ask if it was OK to give her solicitor the details of the company, so when the inevitable happened, DWE could handle all the details when clearing out her unit.

  • Downsizing With Ease is happy to liaise with family members here and overseas via email, phone or even Skype.
  • We can deal with the powers of attorney, solicitors; basically anyone who has the authority to organise these details on the client’s behalf.
  • A client who organised the entire clean out and removal of goods from his mother’s place from his London office quipped: “You are my one stop, go-to shop.”

Downsizing With Ease is honoured to have been a proactive part of the retirement industry for the past 15 years. Proud members of the RVA, we are delighted to continue our work as champions of Retirement Village living. For more information visit or call Lorraine Cox on 1300 795 526 for a chat.

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