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naturismNaturism has been around in one form or another since 1778 when it was promoted as a hygienic and healthy style of life.

It has always involved social nudity as an expression of peoples harmony in nature, love of the environment and their respect of each other.

The popularity of naturism, or clothes free living in Europe in the early 20th century complemented a health and fitness boom that encompassed new free thinking philosophies with exercise and sunshine.

Vitamin D deficiency is caused by a lack of sunshine

Healthy outdoor living and a new sense of freedom rapidly spread throughout Europe to Britain, the USA, Canada and Australia. Health Spas and resorts, unofficial and official nude beaches started popping up everywhere.

The early model of naturism/nudism was a flow on from the German/Northern European Body Culture Movement and included social nudity, sun worship, sports, saunas and steam baths, with an emphasis on exercise health foods and swimming.

Skin needs to breathe too

Today naturism takes on many forms and is open to all people of all ages, shapes and sizes where the clothes free can gather for large scale events like the Nude Bike Rides, festivals, nudist sporting events, even nude weddings and the ever popular nude cruises.

Many readers may be a little apprehensive and think “oh I could never do this” or “to be nude in public, what me, never”. Well believe it or not most of today’s committed naturists once thought the same way. Like a form of stage fright, with practice, one gets over it.

Life is more relaxed when you’re naked.

Most first time naturists try it whilst on holidays, as the logic prevails that it is easier to get naked around people who do not know you, than in front of close friends. For most this is true. Practise makes perfect. Remember you were born nude. Most newcomers feel awkward at first.

So if you feel like a holiday “sans clothes” there are plenty of unique locations offering the balance of physical and emotional health benefits that naturism provides.

Naturism is a state of mind as well as a state of undress.

Vacationing at nudist resorts is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry. Not all naturism resorts are the same, clothing optional means just that; you can do without the clothes if you wish, or if you prefer, covering up some, or all of yourself. Some are no textiles (clothes) resorts that require everyone to be naked. Best to call ahead to find out.

The choice of styles for a naturist holiday are varied, you may choose a camping style vacation or pull your own caravan or motorhome into a naturist retreat. You may prefer onsite cabins, or a private resort, and for some the social atmosphere of a club is more to their liking. Here are some of our recommendations for a relaxing break without clothes.

In New South Wales you can have a relaxing stay at the Heritage Social Nudist Club, near Campbelltown where couples and families have been camping or staying in cabins or caravans for over 64 years. A very popular spot with the over 50s.

When exploring the southern highlands near Mittagong, or exploring the Wombeyan Caves a great place to relax and enjoy nature is the clothing optional River Island Retreat, where you can swim in their outdoor heated pool, enjoy spas, saunas and walks in natural settings. Self contained cabins and caravans are available or bring your own and enjoy the bar and restaurant with regular theme nights and entertainment.

Further up the coast in popular Port Stephens is the resort style Bed and Breakfast of Le Chateau, a haven for mind spirit and body that offers a gym, sauna and spa, full sized billiard room, tranquil surroundings and tennis court with views of picturesque Port Stephens. Ease into a clothing optional holiday.

On the south coast of New South Wales near Huskinson is the clothing optional natural retreat of Pineforest set on 110acres of native Australian bushland, where visitors are amazed by the abundance of birds and animals. Here you can stay in a self contained/self catered unit and swim in the solar heated swimming pool.

For a beach side nude vacation in a magical secluded location it would be hard to beat Sunland Holiday Village, between Robe and Beachport in South Australia. Located 4 hours drive from Adelaide. Sunland is close to the vineyards and has on site cottages, caravans, secluded camping facilities or facilities for your caravan on the beach. Hot tubs, sauna and tennis and surfing can all be part of your daily routine in this fabulous location.

Drive into the spectacular CockatooValley in South Australia to the Tindo Nudist Club where friendly hospitality awaits you. Three onsite units are available for rent or bring your own caravan or motorhome and try the many sports, like tennis or just swim in the pool. A nude holiday is a relaxing holiday.

Many grey nomads head north into Queensland to join in the fun with the South East Community Sun Club based in Ipswich, a non profit members run nudist club. This open organisation accepts all without discrimination so people in wheelchairs or with physical disabilities and single people are welcome to use their heated pools call 0415 834 807 for more information.

Pacific Sunfriends near Donnybrook in Queensland run dance evenings, banquets and band nights. You can bring your own motorhome, caravan or just camp on a casual basis while enjoying BBQ, tennis, sports activities or bush walks to the salt water creek. You’re always welcome at this clothing optional retreat.

Further north in the world renowned Whitsundays the all nude Taylorwood has fully self contained cabins and powered sites for very reasonable rates. The only nudist resort in the Whitsundays is the perfect location for couples to spend time in the tropics together.

In Western Australia, a peaceful naked vacation can be had in the friendly social environment of Sunseekers Inc. Located 40 minutes from Perth near the John Forest National Park visitors here can experience the real naturist lifestyle. Facilities include tennis courts, a full sized swimming pool, volleyball or camp in the natural surroundings and make friends while having fun. Caravans and motorhomes are welcome.

Wherever you may roam in this magnificent country, there is a style of naturist resort to suit all. For the novice or the dedicated you are never far away from a unique location where freedom means “no more sand in the swimming togs”.



  1. Great article. I love to spend time naked, if among friends its even better. Unfortunately most people think that nudity has to do with sex, but true nudistslike to keep separate from the naked lifestyle. It is so relaxing doing everyday thing without the restrictions, physical, social and emotional, of clothes. The best way to spend a holiday, and no one cares about what shape you are in, true.

  2. What a fantastic article. Our club has visitors from all over the world dropping in to sample the Australian bush as we should, naked. Every one should try it once.

  3. One very popular venue in South Australia which has been omitted is Lake St Claire, also between Robe and Beachport, and is one which we visit frequently. John and Monica who own and run the property are sociable people and make allcomers welcome.

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