10 Best Luxury Travel Destinations to Visit in 2015

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We live in an enchanting and enormous world with the coolest places around. Although technology is building the gap and brining us closer to witness the many geographies in little time, the desire to see a new place grows even more after taking a trip to a world class marvel.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Snow capped mountains, plateaus, and planes of the Swiss sets the right mood for nature lovers as there is nothing as exotic to witness as this picturesque locate. Adventure skiing is a well-known sport in the Alps. Apart from this, Switzerland has everything to offer when it comes to luxurious living in terms of accommodation, dining and its nightlife with world-class hotels, chalets and spas.

Swiss Alps travel destinations

Image by JiayiYoung via Flickr

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a true paradise on earth with its endless stretch of blue waters and white sand beaches. The place accommodates both peace loving and the adventurous. One may opt for adventurous water sports or might as well have a quite stay at a villa or private bungalow on the ocean-front resort.

Bora Bora travel destinations

Image by Mushi27 via Flickr

St. Barthelemy

St. Barts is another exotic place with perfect beaches and huge yacht rides made available from Gustavia Harbour. It is a welcome place for people with a peculiar taste of luxury as it offers ocean front villas and luxurious five-star resorts. It is no surprise that all the A-Listers have vacationed in this beautiful and exotic destination.

St Barts travel destinations

Image by Bruce Tuten via Flickr


The second smallest country in the world, Monaco, tops the chart when rated on luxury. The place is a fine example of lavish living right from the well-known Monte Carlo Casino, splendid hotels in the neighborhood to the luxurious yachts and cars that flock Port de Monaco. You may notice some world class artsy fountains, beautiful people and enormous haute couture labels one could have ever imagined lined on the streets. To begin your luxurious stay in the beautiful place put up on a private beach and hire a yacht to get to this amazing destination.

1024px-Whole_Monaco travel destinations

I, Katonams [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Hamptons, USA

The name itself smells luxury moving your thoughts towards private boats, large estates, garden parties and a host of extravagant endeavours. No points for guessing that the place has been frequented by a host of celebrities and world class millionaires/ billionaires who had vacationed in the numerous summer houses and building that adorn the Hamptons. Nevertheless, Hamptons is still considered as one of the most luxurious getaways even today. Apart from the upscale hotels, condos and rentals, there is also room for affordable rentals for the common folks who wish to experience the Hamptons.

Hampton Court Palace, New York travel destinations

Image by Neil Howard via Flickr


Singapore is the newest hot spot included under luxury travels. The place has attracted tourists across the world because of its new casinos especially the Marina Bay Sands and the many five-star accommodations. Food is another major attraction to expel luxury, be it the best restaurants of the place, the shops on Orchard Road and the well known Raffles Hotel, which is popular for its signature drink – the Singapore Sling.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore travel destinations

Image by Uwe Schwarzbach via Flickr


One of the best tourist attraction and luxurious destination is Costa Smeralda in Italy, which is literally translated as “Emerald Coast”. The small island is counted as a luxurious destination for its fine dining, sailing, golf and scuba diving. The scenic coastline is flocked by celebrities, royalty and luxury lovers for some quiet yet glamorous time to spend.

Costa Smeralda, Italy travel destinations

Image by Santi via Flickr


Maldives is an exotic destination among travel lovers and renowned entities because of the many perks the place offers. You may rent a bungalow or a villa on clear waters, have a private dinner catered and servers on white sand beaches only for you or hire a masseuse to attend to you directly! With numerous boutique hotels, resorts and spas coming up in this island nation, you have plenty of option to choose from. This is certainly luxury at its best!

Maldives travel destinations

Image by Mac Qin via Flickr

Ibiza, Spain

Scenic beauty is a major attraction in Ibiza because of the amazing grandeur in the form of exotic beaches, rocky cliffs and heavy woods. However, most A-Listers flock to the place for its nightlife and the type of party the place offers – you name it and you have it! The peak months are April to September when you may bump across the world’s hottest DJ’s and artists at Privilege, Pacha or Space. Fine dining is also one to count apart from the high-class and luxurious parties.

Ibiza, Spain travel destinations

Image by Binu Nair via Flickr

Dubai, UAE

It is Dubai calling for shopping addicts who also crave for luxury along with the package. So, if you wish to shop, live underwater, experience classic Arabian hospitality at one of its luxury hotels, ski, or visit a man-made island all under one roof, there is no better place than Dubai. It servers all your lavish extravagance with seven-star resorts, the world’s largest malls, Michelin-rated restaurants to answer your each and every prayers and get the best of things while on the earth.

Dubai Sea Cityscape travel destinations

Image by Thamer Al-Hassan via Flickr

Most people travel to various destinations to take a break from their hectic and chaotic life and to do something different from their regular routine. Facing hardships during travel can be a major put off, which can not only dampen your mood but also the spirit of the journey. Luxury travel destinations are the best bet when it comes to merriment and comfort as it has all the ingredients that form the best and exotic holidays for you and your loved ones.

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Chetan Jadhav is an avid reader and loves to travel extensively. He is travel operator of the Dubai-based Rayna Tours – a destination management company offering comprehensive travel solutions.


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