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Slice of Life Tours

At Slice of Life tours, we make your dream trips come true through our boutique small group tours to unique and fascinating locations worldwide.”

Be my guest, private Sicilian getaways hosted by Lidia Di Costa will offer you the opportunity to experience the city or country life.

Live like a local with your personal host to take care of all your travel requirements. There is so much to enjoy in Sicily we think you’ll find your perfect Italian getaway. Stay in Luxury Boutique Hotels or Villa where you will enjoy local culinary delights, private tours and transportation. Use the time to practice you’re Italian, take a cooking class or just blend in. Do a lot or do little, the week is yours.

Slice of Life tours understands that travel is much better when it’s shared with locals who have stories to tell and memorable experiences to share. Be My Guest and leave with a deeper understanding of Sicilian lifestyle and history.

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7 Reasons To Be My Guest


City Experience

1. Ancient history walking tour (Be surprised by the Greek History)

2. Boutique Small Group experience Max 10 Guests

 3. Palermo Arts and Culture. Galleries, ballet, opera, concerts, fine dining

4. Luxury accommodation

5. Off the beaten track destination to mountain villages to sample local produce

6. Opportunity to practice your Italian and learn about Sicilian folklore (both weeks)

7. Flexible tour with plenty of free time

Country Experience



7 Reasons To Be My Guest


Country Experience

1. Wine tasting some of the unique wines grown on the slopes of Etna

2. Mountain villages rarely visited by tourists where local traditions still practised

3. Flexibility to take advantage of any festivals that may be occurring

4. Spend a day at the market and have host cook traditional Sicilian Meal (feel free to join in)

5. Local

6. Swim in local secret river gorge free of tourists

7. Luxury Country Villa

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