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A Mineral For All Of Us

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The human condition can be affected by stress, overwork, worry & bad nerves. Our nervous system needs back up to work efficiently. When it is working properly we have calm feelings & good moods, we are happy & not overthinking.

Calmness is a skill to be worked at, though for some it seems to be their main state. Meditation, deep breathing & positive thinking can bring this state of calm on.

Our nerves can be undernourished & can over react as a result. One mineral highly valued in the working of our nerves is magnesium, sometimes called ‘the Great Relaxer’.

Magnesium can help with anxiety, with getting to sleep & alleviate muscle spasms, night leg shaking & cramps. Magnesium is involved in hundreds of functions in the body, one of the most important being to regulate heartbeat. In conjunction with potassium, it does this marvellously.

Magnesium deficiency is often overlooked as a reason for cardiovascular disorders. People suffering from Epstein Barr Virus & or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can benefit greatly by supplementing with magnesium. A dose of 500mg daily can start to benefit the user in many ways with its effects felt starting about a week into its use. It can help overcome paranoid feelings that arise in some people & is a safe alternative to for many overprescribed medicines for slight depressive states.

It may help your overall immune system, exercise performance, brain function & mood, diabetics management, prevent migraines, hangovers, PMS & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Serotonin relaxes the nervous system & is dependent on magnesium to operate. For better overall health & a calmer nervous system incorporate some magnesium into your daily intake. A safe mineral that many in the modern world do not get enough of.


Our mind needs nutrition just like the body. Learning, accepting, being open & adapting new skills into everyday tasks help the mind. Attempting new untried things opens new pathways. We can grow.


Our soul, aura or the electricity that surrounds our bodies can be stimulated by exercises that integrate movement with ancient symbolic centres, co-relative to the wider universe. Sanskrit texts outline the ancient cosmic science connecting us to the universal energy grid. Consciousness can be expanded to bring the macrocosmic into the microscopic. Ancients knew of these concepts & the sciences involved. We are free to explore them ourselves.

The century old Rosicrucian Order has teachings you can learn at home that help you access your whole potential.  The balance of physical, mental, psychic & spiritual. Weekly lessons open you up to the universe in simple steps. The unlimited powers of the universe await you. Your insight creativity & spirituality will blossom. People will be attracted to you as you develop, your inner healing processes will be enhanced, harmonious events & lifestyle will evolve & an aura of interest & peace will become part of your life.

Your connection to the Atman or universe is near, their free introductory book ‘the Mastery of Life’ is available at

Ageing unfortunately has its problems, some are quite embarrassing but thankfully we have solutions or care & help for most of them. Spilling food can be a problem in ageing adults, so wearing the right protection can mean the difference between an embarrassing moment & being completely confident in all surroundings Spillwear by the Caring Factor has all Australian designed adult bibs for our ageing population. Lightweight & featuring a resin zipper, they are crush resistant. The Caring Factor is an NDIS provider go to

There is probably nothing worse than a prized recliner getting stuck or becoming difficult to us. It is important to be able to get up when we want & recline in comfort. If you are experiencing any problems with your electric recliner call the Electric Recliner Mechanic on 9625 3538 or go to

Edna & Wilfred Boutique in Home Care will make your day. They will help with your home chores, cooking requirements, do your laundry, & take you for an outing. All duties handled in a loving, caring, professional manner suited to your individual needs.

Diseases are unkind to the elderly & one extreme & sometimes lethal disease is Pneumonia. It is way more serious as we age & our risk of contracting it increases. There is a vaccine available for this horrible disease go to pneumonia

Hearing loss is the 3rd most prevalent age related disability. It is very difficult to live well without our hearing especially if it’s been fine most of your life. Hearing aids can help you concentrate, gain back independence, increase your social ability, help you keep your job longer & treat annoying tinnitus. Ear moulds, tests, evaluations held at Collective Care Hearing can help solve your problems, a comprehensive service go to for details.

Eyesight is another sense that fades as we age Humanware provides handheld portable magnifiers that will open up your world. Electronic & just the right size to read prescriptions, restaurant menus, the papers, fine print on contracts & jobs your glasses just are not doing. They have a 10% discount for Go55 readers-mention the add & go to for all details & prices.

And if you want to take out the hassle & inconvenience out of cutting your toenails. The Toenail People will remove this difficult task if necessary. They will also cut your finger nails if required & they will come to your home at your convenience. For further details

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Snoring & it’s more dangerous cousin sleep apnoea are all too common these days. CPAP Direct have their ResMed AirSense in their store right now, along with many other products to help with this debilitating & annoying condition. They also have the Wenatex Ultimate Adjustable Bed system to help with back pain, diabetics & allergies. Go to for all the information.

The body may need help as we age, we are lucky to be living in an age of so many inventions that aid us, but if we keep ourselves well in body, mind & spirit  we may be finding ourselves helping others instead.

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