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Niue Noni and Vanilla

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The South Pacific Spice Island

The world’s smallest independent nation is an enigma of Polynesian origin. Its history and customs only known by word of mouth from generation to generations. Its goods and customs carried through to the present day with the practice of Christianity harmoniously included in the happy lifestyle of the people.

Tapu sites, sacred areas and Christian churches are part of everyday village life on this original island.

Its unique culture, different from its closest neighbours, as one of the only Polynesian Island without a royal family, is mainly due to its geographical isolation and lack of contact with outside influence.

Clear crystal clean lagoons and rock pools filter the rain through the porous coral. A natural rainwater catchment system through the limestone.

Vast caves can be found both above and below the sea. Niue could be described as an above ground coral reef, it is the world’s larges coral atoll, unlike anything else on earth.

Bring walking boots and good hiking gear as this is a place to explore, experience & the bilingual local people are only too willing to help you do that. Try a walk through tropical rainforest, explore caves, find out about rare trees and visit a plantation full of exotic local trees with a Carving and Rainforest bush walk from Ebony Carving Tours, a unique tour

Alone in the middle of the pacific brings Niue into contact with all manner of sea life. From May to October the Humpback whales call in for breeding and raring the calves. Nowhere else in the world do they come in so close and tourists get to swim closer to these beautiful giants than in all other locations. Lear more from

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Namukulu Cottages and Spa have a special whale watch lookout to view the annual spectacle. Watching whales from the pool or around the property you are in a perfect location with great views everyday. Indulge in a massage at their spa and relax in the six spacious cottages available.

Niue is a land of plantations growing fresh produce organically, you can see farms full of taro, the south pacific staple, cassava another popular crop, banana, papaya, coconut, tropical fruits and green vegetables.

The best way to see the island is by hiring a car or bike and stopping where and when you like at your own pace. Alofi Rentals has cars, motorbikes and bicycles to suit all styles.

Alofi rentals also has taxis if you want someone else to drive you, as well as bikes for forest track for hire along with cars to rent. They have been here 10 years, so they know the place well.

People wave to you as you drive around exploring the Island. Niue has left hand driving a slow pace 40K in villages & 60K on the open road, no crime, no buses, no ATMS although credit cards can be used at certain places.

Niue has been called the friendliest place on earth and you will find that when you arrive.

The two most interesting crops grown on Niue are the vanilla bean and noni.

Noni is a small tropical, green to yellow fruit that grows throughout the tropics. This strong smelling fruit has found popularity within the super foods, health food crowd around the world. It has been used to treat a myriad of ailments from its traditional cultivators, is high in antioxidants and studies have shown it helps reduce cholesterol taken as a juice.

Noni juice has increased in popularity over the last decade and is sold in good health food shops in most countries. Its modern day drinkers say it strengthens bones, has anti-ageing effects, boosts energy and helps with arthritis, chronic fatigue, allergies, indigestion, depression, addictions and helps relieve cold and flu. It sounds like it’s worth a try. It is being researched as a tool against cancer.

nuie vanilla2 nuie vanilla

Why not try this fabulous cure all first hand in the unique environment of Niue. Our over 50s readers are being offered a fabulous Noni Farm Work Experience Holiday at This worker/learning volunteer package is on one of the most original holidays ever and will bond you forever to the locals of this friendly isle, but if you like to combine your working holiday with a more upmarket experience then is the package for you. Lord of the  Manor with full use of a two storey house all to yourself. The farm works until 2pm and participation is up to you. Drink fine wines from a covered veranda overlooking the tropical farm, all the mod cons with satellite TV, DVD, CD player, games and internet inside. Local produce fills the fridge, NZ, Australian and French wines, car and a boat at your disposal. Friendly BBQs with the works, a hosted dinner with VIP guests and a dinner cruise complete this marvellous package. Who could ask for more!

Only 2000 tourists a year visit Niue so the atmosphere is unique & with only 1500 locals, most hold more than one job or service due to their involvement in the Islands Tourism Trade.

The Rock as Niue is affectionately known is a raised coral shelf with chasms

Another unusual export product grown on the rock is vanilla, the second most expensive spice after saffron. Try a vanilla tour with

Growing vanilla is a labour intensive pastime and this flavoursome spice is worth its weight in, well vanilla. Niue was blessed with vanilla orchids growing wild in the native forests for over 100 years. The variety that grows in Niue is called Vanilla Tahitensis or Tahitian Vanilla, it grows fatter and more floral than other varieties. This high quality variety is sought after worldwide by gourmet chefs in the kitchens of famous restaurants from France to Australia, as its aroma is more complex than other varieties. All vanilla on Niue is organically grown and graded according to bean length and quality. The spice plays an important role in the strengthening of the local economy and puts Niue on the global market, helping growers. For more information go to

Niue’s inhabitants catch fish daily for themselves and visitors alike. You can watch them catch coconut crabs or ugas with a piece of string, bait and a coconut or you can take a boat and go more modern and fish for Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, Reef Shark and many other varieties. Pods of dolphins, the whales and turtles keep you company.

Sailing is fast becoming a favourite grey nomad pastime, especially Pacific Island cruising.  Fifty somethings have longed for the day when freedom arrives in the form or a dreamboat & the famous Niue Yacht Club is very popular with cruising yachties from around the world.  It has 18 moorings & 3 pro fishing moorings at very reasonable rates.

stone villa

Everywhere you on Niue, you are at one with nature, hardly ever running into other adventurers on your journey, so it is perfect for couples and a lovely place for couples to stay is Stone Villas, these charming Villas are very private, romantic and built of local limestone for its cooling effect, just perfect for a second honeymoon, so whether you come here for the sparkling pools, the colourful fish, the Coconuts of not, the Rock is a place in the Pacific. In the World. A Proud nation, a happy people.

This unusual Island destination is full of surprises, so head to Niue for the real deal in pacific relaxation, where everybody waves and says Fakaalofa Atu – hello.

Niue for something New.

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