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Solomon’s Are Go

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You need to go now to the Solomon Islands. It is so close. They stand alone. Get there now before they all find out about it!

Go for the adventure, the scuba diving, the food, the ancient culture, the star filled skies at night. Just go now.

Book your flight with Solomon Air & you are there in 3½ hours. Away from your work, worries & woes. Looking at dugout canoes & lagoons instead of spread-sheets in under 4 hours. You’ll be shocked by sensory overload. The smells, colours & heat will overwhelm you. The Solomon’s is different, unique, mad, & fun.

Honiara will leave you in wonder. Its vibrant colour, lifestyle & laid back locals will amaze. It is different to home, very different, you need to go now. Stay in Honiara to dive the wrecks & relics of the deadly battles of World War 2. There are countless dive sites right near the capital, a town of contrasts & historical significance. Visit museums of culture, war history & monuments to the fallen soldiers from all sides.

Enjoy a drink by the sea or a coffee in one of the cafes offering AC respite from the blanketing heat of the tropics. Watch people walking by as they chew the betel nut, a mildly numbing, slightly narcotic favourite here. Just being here, letting go, savouring the uniqueness of the town is what it’s all about in Honiara.

This is the centre of commerce where everyone comes to trade, buy, invest & do deals. The government of the Solomon Islands are encouraging foreign investment right now. It’s never been a better time to do business.

Tourism is on the upswing with visitor numbers up 25% on last year. In this sector, innovative foreigners have set up Eco-Tourism resorts, cafes, multi sports island resorts, surf camps, dive charter boat hire, fishing tour boats & operations, restaurants, hotels & construction/repair & infrastructure design enterprises. Forestry is another key sector.

Commercial fishing is a major industry within this 900 Island archipelago. Nickel & Gold mining attract overseas investment. Agricultural investment is diversifying with Coconut Oil being one of the latest value added products to take off from traditional copra & coconut plantations, palm is another. The time to invest is now & the Solomon Islands remains a land of vast potential with a bright future. For all information about a lifestyle change & an investment in paradise go to

Most visiting businessmen, or overnight visitors heading to the islands & officials stay at The Heritage Park Hotel. A prestige hotel in a waterfront location, The Heritage Park is a prime spot to unwind by the pool after exploring the historical sites of Honiara.

All rooms are luxuriously appointed & large suites are available for the longer stay or business visit. The spa swimming pool & cocktail bar are a perfect spot for looking over the water at point Cruz.

People meet, do deals over lunch, have meetings, hold conferences all in beautifully appointed surroundings. The Terrace Restaurant is well deserving of its reputation for superb food. Try the Sollie’s style marinated Snapper in Coconut milk or a mouth-watering fish curry.

With 47 outstanding rooms & 28 apartments, nothing is left out whatever your needs may be. Relax & enjoy your secure & comfortable stay at the Heritage Park Hotel, go to for bookings.

From Honiara, most people head to the western provinces, home to numerous resorts, incredible scenery, hard core fishing, abundant reefs to snorkel & home to Solomon Islands best surf breaks.

Heading East from Honiara to the Marau Sound is an amazing journey. Only one resort services this wonderful open region.

Tavanipupu is the Solomon Islands most exclusive get here you can take a 1 hour flight from Honiara or an exciting 3½ hour boat ride, weather permitting.

This is the pacific paradise you’ve been dreaming of with a bleached grey jetty over a technicolour reef to the deluxe chic bungalows with indoor & outdoor showers, you are in the postcard. Relax in your hammock on the front porch or take a nap in a 4-poster bed decorated with flowers & shells in Rustic Island style décor

Days over here are spent snorkeling straight off the resort over the reefs teeming with vividly coloured fish in water as clear as crystal glass. Giant clams open lazily as you float motionlessly in a Zen like calm. Untouched nature is here in abundance, ancient culture is just across the strait.

Take a trek or ride a bike around the island stopping at breathtaking lookouts for a rest. See shades of blue melt into blue. Sunsets are spent sipping cocktails on the wharf, the colourful magnificence slowly slipping into darkness as the night sky fills with stars.

Lobster, bugs & fresh seafood is shared in the open-air dining bure & bar. Icy cold coconuts or a frosty Sol Brew Lager, cocktails & a great wine list add to the charm of this tropical paradise. Staff travel here from neighbouring islands by dugout canoes, something you don’t see every day back home.

Boats are available to head out to snorkel outside reefs & visit uninhabited isles. Surf the great waves around this region or to fish from, the views from the outside reefs are unbelievable.

At Tavanipupu you can start to see what it would be like to own your own island. Well here you can book the whole island for the perfect wedding, corporate group or a wedding/honeymoon combination with friends. If you want the perfect island in the most pristine spot on the planet, Tavanipupu is it -you have to go—for bookings, it’s all here at

The Solomon Islands are Go. Go now to the hottest, hippest destination on the planet.

Photographer: David Kirkland

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