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Spring time on Lord Howe Island

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Not only Lovers feel the joy of life as Spring approaches.  All of us, all living things start to react positively as the daylight increases and the flowers bloom.

It is the sounds of birds nesting, the visions of trees flowering, the equalling of the days. Rebirth

Spring is the time of year that, the air has that certain scent and we are enlightened as we breathe it in.

Spring beckons us with it’s all to step outside the square were in, and reboot.  Nature sings its enticing song, tempting us outdoors to soak in its sensory delights.

Romance is in the air for all nature, tropic birds court in the sky, as people disembark from the plane after a unique Island style landing on the thin strip on Lord Howe Island. Springs allure has already started.

lord howe golf

Palm trees sway in the breeze as the backdrop of mountains, ocean and lagoons teem with life. Red tailed tropic birds breed on the ridges of cliff face. Artic breeders return from their winter home way south.

Only 400 lucky people are here on Lord Howe Island at this most desirable time of year. Some are here to wed and some are here once again, others have arrived for the first time.

The water warms, the flowers, birds and fish outnumber the humans, but sadly the flowers of the Wedding Lilly only last a day symbolising the temporary rhythms of life.

Leanda Lei Apartments are set amongst delightful gardens, blooming in spring. Their spacious lawn has views of Mt Gower and Mt Lidgbird. They are perfect for springtime, visitors being only 400m from the lagoon and walking distance to the main attractions of this springtime paradise. Long established as the first purpose built guest house on the island, the refurbished accommodation consist of self-contained apartments and a modern studio. Modern comforts with a slice of island history at this fabulous location go to for all the details of tours, accommodation and all inclusive package deals.

All the new arrivals can roam as they please on roads free from accidents on an Island only populated in 1834.

Here in this superb isolation, 600km straight out off the coast from Smokey Cape in NSW, people can really escape free from mobile phones. There is no large industry, no gaping holes cut into mountains where once stood a mine.

lord howe bird

Mutton birds return to LHI as do many visitors, seabirds and tourists. Here we have what could be claimed as Australia’s own Galapagos, home to over 129 native and introduced bird, species, coming home for revival.  A lovers reunion.

Romance is abundant on land, in the sea and in the sky, even the visitors are affected, some arriving for a second honeymoon in a spring paradise setting and others to tie the knot.

This fabulous, sunny Island location is perfect for couples to start their new life together. The World Heritage Island of Lord Howe is the most unforgettable setting for the perfect wedding.  Beaches, mountains, lagoons, bays and clifftop sites abound on this lush island.  All your wedding arrangements can be organised by Samantha Mathews – Marriage Celebrant on Lord Howe – for everything you need for a beautiful wedding in a special place call 02 6563 2010 for all your wedding needs.

There is no crime, no ATMs, honesty boxes for Golf Clubs and hire, a speed limit on the10kms of roads of only 25km p/h..  One cop with one lockup and no cats due to the destruction they caused to the unique wildlife on Lord Howe.

Cats almost killed off the incredibly cute Lord Howe Woodhen, a flightless worm eating bird, who lost their ability to fly as the island they landed on had no predators and plenty of food.  Visitors will find Lord Howe the same, no predators and plenty of food.

lord howe jetty

Lord Howe is known for its fresh local organic produce and its fresh seafood.  It is on this Island where Kingfish ceviche, seafood Barbeques and roasted yellow fin tuna sashimi are almost staples.  There is no shortage of talented chefs amongst the 350 local residents and workers, many flown from the mainland for a sweet holiday cooking gig in Paradise Plus.

Oceanview Apartment’s is a LHI business operated by decedents of the original settlers of the Island.  They offer superb accommodation close to all the restaurants, stores, P.O. and only 100 metres to the jetty on the bay.  The tennis court, swimming pool, games room and access to water equipment like Kayaks, paddle boards, snorkelling and fishing. This is the perfect place to stay with so much on offer. The Charter boats can also be arranged for guests.  The Barbeque area is perfect for cooking those fresh fish you just caught; or while you’re here why not organise a few S.U.P. or stand up paddle boarding lessons available from the Oceanview boatshed on the Lagoon foreshore – go to for all the information about living the life in paradise.

The people who settled here are the people responsible for the pristine state of this Natural Wonderland.  Over 80% if the Island is native forest and it is called by  some “the land of perpetual spring.

The people make the visitor feel welcome, the place is unique and as you get around you will notice that everyone waves.

Most people like to cycle around LHI but some prefer the walk and for the serious walker there are the treks.

When cycling the island, remember to wear your helmet or you might end up in the one cell at the one police station booked by the one cop.

Trekkers are well looked after with all grades of treks around the island, spectacular gullies, cliffs and through places like the Valley of the Shadows. Hard core trekkies take on Mt Gower which may be a bit strenuous for some or the full day, full on Lidgbird trek – only the hardy need apply.

If you would like to mix your springtime walks with a bit of sport LHI had a nine-hole golf course where clubs can be hired for a round on one of the most scenic golf courses in Australia – overlooking the lagoon with a towering back-drop of the Mt. Lidgbird. The LHI Open Golf Tournament is held in November each year and visitors are welcome. Speak to Peter Turner at the LHI Gold Club about teeing off.

And after an active day head back to Waimarie Apartments which are only located 1.5kms to the main shops and 150 metres to the lagoon and surf beach for a stay in one of their spacious one bedroom self-contained fully equipped holiday apartments.

lord howe walking

Fish are abundant in crystal clear waters around the island with around 500 different species of fish and coral types, this can lead to feeding frenzies in spring as nature takes its watery course.

You have to hand feed the fish at Ned’s beach where you put a coin in to get some feed at the kiosk.  The beach here was voted cleanest beach in NSW in 2005 and nothing has changed since.

If you need to hire a car, bike or anything else, head to Wilsons Hire Service who have the largest range at the best prices. Their late model 4 door automatic cars are a great way to get around make sure you wave to everyone though. They have all your snorkelling gear if you know you are heading to LHI you can book ahead go to

Out on the deep reefs are the many varieties of Tuna, Kingfish, Trevally reef sharks, Banner fish, Butterfly Fish, Morwongs, Cod, Wrasse and Moorish Fish to name a few. Fishing can be land based from points, boys and lagoons, it is excellent. Diving is even better.

Diving on LHI is rated amongst the world’s most unique locations. The most southern coral reef in the worlds is a meeting point of 5 major ocean currents that bring myriad schools of ocean fish together in the one spot with some very unique species only found here. Howea Divers have over 25 years of experience and can take you to the dive spots in 15-25 minutes with dive masters and instructors. Their 3 daily dives are outstanding and for beginners you can complete your PADI courses while on holiday or for the more serious they offer 3 month Dive Master Trainee Programs in a Live-In course. Go to to book or for more details

You can BBQ your catch at your lodgings or at one of the many scenic Barbeque spots located around the Island especially for visitors.

Many springtime visitors to LHI recommend Hideaway Apartments close to the walking tracks, beaches and shops.  Fully equipped and with a BBQ for a Al fresco dining, choose from the cottages or 5 spacious 2 room apartments with all facilities.

lord howe island

Sooty Terns nest in trees near a sign that says Woodhens on Road. The drive around the Island is a blast, but make sure you’ve got juice as there is only one petrol bowser around and remember waving is compulsory.  You can stop at scenic lookouts or head to Settlement Beach where you can get up close and watch (no touching) Turtles as they do their Turtle things in the shallow water.

The community markets are held every second Saturday of every month at the LHI School. Beautiful local handmade Pandanus baskets, locally grown produce, art works, hand crafts and for the kids there is face painting – a great fun experience with the locals.

Surfing is great on the island with locals holding surf competitions throughout the year. Water temperature hover between 18-26 degrees year round.

You can opt to relax sunbathe, take a dip in the azure sea or snorkel through the schools of fish over the coral reefs. At Ebbtide  Apartments all your snorkelling gear is provided as are backpacks, picnic packs and beach towels for all your daily adventures. They have a selection of Liquor and local fish packs with complimentary vegetables, herbs and fruit from their lavish garden, they even have wireless internet and iPods docking stations if you really need them! All of this set in 2.5 acres of Hibiscus, Paw Paw,Frangipani and the local Kentia Palms, choose from 3 garden units and 2 free standing units to book  or look go to

The Island hospital has 4 beds, but accidents rarely happen on this peaceful, crime free Island and the ones that do are mainly due to climbing accidents on the steep mountains. Remember not to take on anything too hard and you should be ok.

The local beach has a sunset BBQ most nights but most of our turtle watching visitors like to stay at the Milky Way Apartments on Old Settlement Beach one of the most picturesque beaches in Australia.  Here your tariff includes all linen and beach towels with a free food parcel on arrival.. You can charter a boat for your local fishing and diving right here. Go to

Here on the Island of Plenty; its spring time on Lord Howe Island again , relax away and see Howe the locals do it on Lord Howe.





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