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Recent figures show the numbers are up on Australian holidaying in Vanuatu, a 6% rise over the past season. The numbers are up on the tablet of Port Vilas Casino’s as well, and when they are up, people shout out in joy.

Vanuatu’s casino industry had its beginnings in the 1980s. Legalized gambling takes the form of slot machines, sports betting, online gambling, lotteries and casinos.
There are two large casino’s to choose from on the island. Both are centrally located in the picture postcard perfect town of Port Vila, a very popular destination for visiting Australian’s.

Palms Casino was the first casino on the island. It is situated in the Tassiriki Park District of Port Vila at the Holiday Inn Resort. This modern and luxurious casino, adjacent to the resort complex has recently added a number of new slot machines to its already impressive array. The linked jackpot often pays up to 100,000 vatu to lucky random players. A good enough reason for a flutter in paradise.

Palms opens daily for slot machines form 11.30am. The gaming tables open at 12.30pm and close at 2am Monday to Thursday, but are open until 3am Friday and Saturday. Accepting most international currency, players can bet from 100 Vatu (AUS$1 = 88.25 Vatu) up to 500,000 Vatu on a variety of tables including Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Texas Hold em Poker in a luxurious setting that compliments the local culture in its unique design. A VIP gaming room is available for bookings and high rollers. The casino offers complimentary programs that offer free accommodation, food and beverages and even rebates on airfares for qualifying guest players. They welcome enquiries, go to


Gambling in paradise sure sounds good and when you add spectacular sunsets, secret sandy beaches and crystal clear deep blue lagoons, it starts looking better as well.

The Grand Hotel and Casino offers players a chance to experience the thrill of gambling surrounded by elegant stylish furnishings in their newly renovated gaming rooms. Think crystal chandeliers, gold leaf ceilings with spectacular sparkling views across the harbour, where all patrons are made to feel special. You could be on the Rivera as you play Roulette, Blackjack and the very popular Texas Hold em Poker in this prime waterfront location. See charter boats come and go from the impressive casino rooms that holds 12 gaming tables in its sophisticated space.

The Baccarat area is private and elevated in a style accustomed to the high rollers of the Pacific. Speaking of which, high rollers are specifically catered for in the VIP Room located on the top floor of the hotel with unhindered views of the South Pacific. The intimacy appeals to those who are refined in their playing style, so security and privacy are of the utmost importance to the Grand. Small groups can be accommodated for bookings here.

In the Laki Tam Tam Room, Grand Casino’s tables are complimented by 130 poker machines, all newly acquired from the latest equipped machines available in Australia. Three linked jackpots offer prizes up to 1 million Vatu (AUS$12,000). This surely is a slot machine paradise located in paradise.

Grand Casinos complimentary policy offers competitive conditions to rival worldwide casinos taking in free accommodation, beverages, food, transport. So ask and you may receive. For further information go to

So in this ancient friendly land of 83 islands, 2.5 hours away from Australia, 800km west of Fiji, the laid back blends with the fast pace of gaming pursuits. The ancient culture of the past meets the information age in a land of majestic volcanoes, hidden bays and palm fringed beaches. Where history lies wrecked under water as dugout canoes paddle above. No matter what your reason now is always the time to visit Vanuatu.



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  1. drake thompson

    I’ve been looking for somewhere to chill out while still being able to have a couple of bets.I ruled out Thailand ,no gambling. the Phillippines has a little but its a bit dangerous and a bit far away for me, so thanks for the information ,I cant wait to go.

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