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It’s Norfolk Time

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Leaving the rat race has never been easier – never been quicker. Two and a half hours to peace, relaxation, fresh air and no crime.

Cars are unlocked drivers wave to walkers, drivers wave to drivers, everybody says hello and you don’t even know them. It might be a bit unnerving for the anonymous city type who suddenly finds himself or herself in the middle of people who have grown up without the stress and hang-ups of big city life.

The locals on Norfolk are renowned for their welcoming friendless. It’s a genuine trait amongst a proud local population. Sure, tourism means dollars but the person is more important than the wallet to these lovely islanders. No one who has ever been there will tell you otherwise.

The people of Norfolk will become your friends and believe me they love to party. On this lush Pacific Isle you make a lot of your own fun and there is so much to do, the fun never stops.


The great thing now about Norfolk Island is that if you really like the pace, you can buy a house, business or block of land, even if you’re not a local.
Yes, the restrictions on owning land on Norfolk have changed and now is the time to buy houses and land on this spectacular South Pacific Island, some with breathtaking ocean views. To live somewhere so unique so pristine is now a reality due to immigration changes allowing mainland Australians permanent residence with unrestricted entry permits and visas and you can choose to become a Norfolk Island resident if you like. For more information buying a house in paradise go to

For the traveller to Norfolk Island there is a just so much to do all year with all the different events scheduled on the island, you might have to go twice. Some of this year’s big events include The Hardy Wines Pro-Am Golf Classic 2015. From the 23rd – 28th August packages from Australia for this massive event start at $1335 for a 7 day package. Go to for more details of this and many other events, but be quick because a couple of popular events are already sold out.

The Norfolk Island Squash Master’s takes place form the 9th -13th November, featuring ex-world and Commonwealth Games champions in a week of great games. has some great packages to this sporting event. Combined some spectator sport with your own action packed holiday with big game fishing, small boat fishing, skindiving, pistol shooting, archery, squash, tennis, nature treks, food festivals and surfing, sailboarding and yachting just some of the many sporting pastimes available for your participation on Norfolk Island.


Margaret Christian, a decedent of the founding fathers of Norfolk can take you for an unmatchable Discovery Walk through the nature world of Norfolk Island; see White Ferns, Shearwater, seabirds of all kinds flying just above the sea. Kingfishers, Crimson Rosellas, Kestrels and Mask Boobies mix with migrating birds from faraway lands. Greeneyes Tours will take you to where the birds are. Led by Margaret an expert and author on birdlife. Email for a booking on this wonderful tour today.

Christmas in July happens every year with visiting stars from Australia and New Zealand, this year Johnny Young, Normie Rowe, Suzanne Prentice and John Rowles amongst others. You can fly from all over Australia and New Zealand to this magical event

Duty Free Shopping is one of the many reasons a trip to Norfolk Island can be fruitful. Craig’s Knitwear is in the main shopping strip on Norfolk Island on Taylors Road in the area knows as Burnt Pine. The low tax shopping has travellers hunting down fabulous deals at Craig’s with fashion knits from around the world at special prices. Choose from cashmere, alpaca, Icelandic wool, angora and many more from their full range of jackets, cardigan jumpers, scarves, rugs and vests. They even have kilts with the bulk of the stock being imported from Europe, the United Kingdom and North America, you had better pop in.

The RSL plays a very important role in the Norfolk community which had the highest head ratio of enlisted men and women in the Commonwealth. A very important role indeed 280 out of a possible 365 men plus eight women joined the Australian & NZ military for WWII and then local islanders have been involved in all the other deployments since up to this day. A proud and loyal island population commemorate and honour these loyal soldiers at the Norfolk Island RSL which is open 7 days a week, the bistro from Wednesday to Friday for lunch and dinner 6 days a week, Sunday being famous for the hearty roast dinners. There is live entertainment, raffles, big screen sports and they are used to hosting large RSA and visiting RSL groups with the club catering up to 250 people. Perfect for your RSL group contact for your club.

Close to the National Park and its many scenic walking trails is the lovely grounds of Selwyn Cottage. This famous cottage is set in a sub-tropical garden overlooking the peaceful valley of Norfolk pines and greenery. This private one bedroom luxury cottage has all the appointments you need and is in a position that is just perfect for our outdoor walking travellers.

Our foodie travellers know that the local people on Norfolk Island love to grow organic produce. The range of foods is phenomenal and are attracting more and more food enthusiasts from Australia, New Zealand and around the world. They host The Norfolk Island Food Festival form the 23rd – 27th November, come and be blown away by the unique island food and the many unusual fresh organic products. Packages start from $1850 all-inclusive go to www.bauntiescapes.comfor all the news on this wonderful event hosted by the friendly foodie locals of the gem of the south pacific, Norfolk Island.

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