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4 places to stay in Australia to scare the heck out of you: haunted accommodation

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Prepared to be scared? If the possibility of seeing, hearing, feeling or smelling a ghost or two is like an added accommodation feature for you, then you must add these places to stay to your bucket list.

Hoteliers aren’t always keen to market their hotels as haunted.  Some, like the Monte Cristo Homestead have made their ghosts, their business. We’ve collated what we could on the claims made from ghost hunters, guests and living residents. Now it’s up to you to go and find out for yourself if the claims are founded!

Meet the phantom residents of these hotels, inns and homesteads as claimed by living residents or their guests.

Blue Bell Inn c. 1829, Sorell, Tasmania

Blue Bell Inn Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful heritage listed property established in 1829 in historic Sorell, Tasmania.  Not only will your spirits be lifted by welcoming and effervescent proprietors Sandee and Brian Koenig but Ann may just pay you a visit too…

Meet the ghostly resident, Ann (… maybe)

Poor Ann met a grisly end in the now charming hand-hewn sandstone block clad Inn. In 1840 the Inn’s proprietor, William Currie, was indicted with murder. It is said that Ann Podmore – the daughter of a convict – was a live-in mistress to the innkeeper. Based on her injuries it is suspected that he either pushed her, or she fell down the stairs. He was eventually pardoned.

In this charming historic sandstone Inn, you may encounter:

  • a brush or a kiss … on the lips!
  • window coverings moving in the room even when there is no breeze
  • a rattling of glasses.

Check out this recent account from Sandee:

“Had a visit from our resident ghost ‘Ann’ last night while we were watching a movie. She pulled open the blind and then rattled the wine glasses. The windows are sealed shut,  so there was no breeze, and we were sitting quietly. … until she did that!” Sandee Koenig, ‘Innkeepers Wife’ and co-proprietor.

On the other hand, she also shared:

“We had some ghost hunters stay. They planned to stay up and look for [Ann]. I made them promise to come get me if the saw her. Next morning I asked how they went and they sheepishly said the bed was so comfortable they slept through the whole night. Ha ha!”

Are you brave enough? Find out more by visiting the Blue Bell Inn’s Facebook page or website.

Read the Decision of the 19th Century Tasmanian Superior Courts about Ann’s heinous end.

Image below: The Blue Bell Inn in Sorell (image from the Blue Bell Inn’s Facebook page)

Blue Bell Inn Sorrell Tasmania

Monte Cristo Homestead c. 1885, Junee, New South Wales

You’ll find this beautiful historic homestead about 220 kilometres north-west of Canberra. It is a popular destination for ghost hunters and sceptics.

Meet some of the ghostly residents (… maybe)

In this grand homestead you may encounter full body apparitions, or a sensation of the presence of:

  • White bearded, brown suit clad Mr Christopher Crawley, the original owner of the home
  • Strict disciplinarian and employer, Mrs Elizabeth Crawley, Christopher’s wife
  • A pregnant caretaker said to have been pregnant with Mr Crawley’s child, who was murdered by being pushed over a balcony
  • Baby Magdalene who died from a fall on the stairs.

Experience these sensations (… maybe)

  • Hearing Mrs Crawley say “Get out!”
  • A hand on your shoulder, or brushing your face
  • The sound of unexplained heels-on-floorboards footsteps
  • Pets don’t want to stay in the house.

Some guest experiences shared on Google Reviews

Find out more

Visit the Monte Cristo Homestead website.

Read this first-hand guest encounter from the Canberra Times:  We tried… Staying a night in ‘Australia’s most haunted house,’ the Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee

The Russell Hotel c. 1820 (rebuilt), The Rocks Sydney, New South Wales

This unique and historic sandstone boutique hotel is located in the heart of the haunted The Rocks, Sydney.

Meet some of the ghostly residents (… maybe)

In Room 8 of this boutique hotel you may encounter full body apparitions, or a sensation of the presence of:

  • A murdered sailor
  • And in the kitchen – a nurse or maid wearing 19th Century clothing
  • ‘Ladies of the night’.

Experience these sensations (… maybe)

  • A heavy pressure on your chest (… and don’t hesitate to call 000 if you’re worried its more than ghostly and you need an ambulance!)
  • Creaks and flashes of light
  • ‘A terrible feeling’
  • Feeling like someone has walked into the room (when no one (living) has)
  • Footsteps up and down the stairs (when no one (living) is going up and down the stairs)
  • Cold spots in the room.

A guest experience shared on Google Reviews

 Find out more

Visit the Russell Hotel Ghost Tour website page.

Read this first-hand guest encounter from Daily Mail Australia:  Strange creaks, flashes of light and pressure like someone is gripping your chest: Spend an eerie night inside Australia’s ‘Haunted Hotel’… where the ghost of a murdered sailor roams the halls

Q Station, Sydney, New South Wales

This luxury hotel resort was once a quarantine station that would isolate immigrants exposed to deadly infectious diseases such as typhoid. Hundreds of people have lost their lives here over the centuries. Set on a stunning piece of Sydney real estate, it is now a fantastic place to stay and explore Sydney from beachside Manly.

Meet some of the ghostly residents (… maybe)

In this haunted property you may encounter ghostly figures, or a sensation of the presence of a:

  • hospital matron
  • number of nurses
  • charismatic Chinese man Mr Chen with his long ponytail
  • Girl with blonde plaits who may hold your hand
  • Mortician in a top hat
  • Little boy called Isaac Lowes who died from Scarlet Fever
  • Little girl called Mary-Anne who likes to follow tour groups – known to open doors and touch people.

Experience these sensations (… maybe)

  • Objects moving without explanation
  • Capturing an apparition in a photo
  • Suddenly feeling unwell
  • Feel a feminine presence and a waft of perfume
  • The morgue doors opening by themselves (although it happened so regularly locks have been installed)
  • Light bulbs blowing in the shower block
  • Hearing unexplained voices or feeling pushed in the shower block
  • Feeling a cold hand hold yours.

A guest experience shared on Google Reviews

Find out more

Visit the Q Station Hotel website.

Read this article from Nine Travel – The 5 most haunted places in Australia.

Read this first-hand experience from Daily Mail Australia – A ghostly hand at a wedding, a man in a fedora standing next to a child and some very strange noises: The most startling spirit encounters from inside Australia’s most haunted hotel Quarantine Station.

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