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Face Yoga: how to exercise your face and take five years off

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By Lyndal Phillips

What is the science behind Face Yoga and looking younger?

The importance of engaging our bodies in regular physical exercise to maintain muscle mass, preserve bone density and boost our general wellbeing is well documented. But, have you ever considered giving your face a workout all of its own?

The latest beauty development is inexpensive, non invasive and doesn’t require an appointment. Better still, it can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps there really is a simple answer to the complex conundrum of how to preserve a youthful visage: face exercises!

That’s right. According to leading beauty therapist Fumiko Takatsu all you need to do is exercise your face. Your diligent routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising takes great care of your skin from the outside, but here is the secret to give your face a boost from the inside.

What is Face Yoga?

One way to exercise your face is by establishing a Face Yoga routine. Face Yoga has been growing in popularity. According to UK based Face Yoga expert Danielle Collins, ‘Face Yoga is an excellent way to strengthen the muscles in the face. Just like we exercise the body to tone up, we should do the same with our faces.’ By releasing facial tension, Face Yoga exercises are said to have a natural lifting effect which will in turn help to prevent sagging.

How does Face Yoga work?

As well as working to strengthen the facial muscles, Face Yoga exercises are also designed to encourage an increase of oxygen flow to the face. The increased flow of oxygen carries with it beneficial nutrients that work beneath the surface of the skin, providing restorative care and increasing the radiance of tired and dull looking skin.

A natural way to enhance your appearance, Face Yoga works from the inside, out. It certainly does sound like a lot more fun than fillers, injectables and peels!

What are Face Yoga exercises?

With thanks to beauty experts at Byrdie, here are two Face Yoga exercises you can try at home today.

The Neck Lift for the prevention of saggy jowls and double chins

  1. Pucker your lips over to one side and feel a stretch in your cheek
  2. Turn your head to that side, lift your head up to a 45-degree angle
  3. Feel the stretch in your neck.
  4. Hold for three seconds. Repeat.
  5. Repeat on the other side.

The Face Lift for smooth smile lines while lifting the cheeks and eyes

  1. Place both palms on your temples
  2. Push your hands up and back while lifting the sides of your face
  3. Open your mouth and make a wide “O” shape
  4. Drop your jaw to make your face as long as possible.
  5. Hold this pose for five seconds. Repeat twice.

Let’s hope the wind doesn’t change while we are pulling these funny faces! The laughter that inevitably accompanies Face Yoga exercises will provide a bonus boost to the appearance of your skin and a happy little increase in your sense of wellbeing. Perhaps laughter really is the best medicine!

Where can I find out more about Face Yoga?

Unlike other countries, including the UK and America, there is not yet a dedicated face gym here in Australia (now there’s a business opportunity for you!). There are, however, numerous books, YouTube videos and even apps for your phone that you can draw from to establish your own Face Yoga routine.

To ensure your fitness routine truly does provide a ‘whole body work out’ remember to work from the inside out and include some Face Yoga moves while enjoying a healthy dose of laughter at the same time.

What do you think? Are you ready to try these exercises at home?

January 2018 – a Go55s reader has informed us that there is a dedicated facial exercise gym that is called Facerobics in Australia.


  1. Hi, just letting you know that there is a dedicated facial exercise gym that is called Facerobics in Australia. There you learn how to do facial exercises safely and correctly. Feel free to check out the Youtube channel – Facerobics. Peta is Australia’s very own Face Exercise Coach who has created her own face exercise programme.

  2. Go 55s

    Hi Peta,
    Thank you for taking the time to read the article and make a comment, we will add the url to Facerobics to the article.

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